College of Staten Island
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FIRST Learning Communities
 About FIRST

The FIRST Program began at CSI in 2003, and it is designed to help students develop a sense of belonging to the CSI community by building relationships with faculty, peers, and other key personnel as they begin their college experience.  Students who have passed, or are exempt from, the CUNY Assessment Tests are eligible to enroll.

In the FIRST Program, students enroll in a learning community (LC) of several linked courses. Most courses in the learning community satisfy general education requirements at CSI and are taught by experienced full-time and part-time faculty.

Students enrolled in the FIRST Program also receive priority registration going into the spring semester, allowing them greater flexibility in designing their class schedule for the second half of the freshman year.

For additional information about the FIRST Program,
please visit Room 1A-211 or call 718.982.2341.