College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
Macaulay Honors College
Mitchell Lovell, CSI Macaulay Student

“The opportunities fund allowed me study abroad in Santander, Spain for four weeks in the summer.”
-Mitchell Lovell
CSI Macaulay Student

Macaulay Honors College

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Macaulay Honors College courses are designed to be challenging and stimulating. Their goal is to unleash students’ intellectual creativity. Students stretch in many directions, acquiring knowledge that is both broad and deep. MHC students take classes with some of the university’s best professors. They work in their professors’ labs and contribute to faculty research. Students also undertake their own independent research and are encouraged to present their work at conferences. While students take the majority of their courses at CSI, they can also enroll in classes offered at other CUNY campuses and in select Macaulay seminars.