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Macaulay Honors College
Brian Kateman, CSI Macaulay Class of 2011

“The Galapagos Study Abroad program is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn more about important topics in evolution and conservation by following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, my hero. I cannot help but smile when I think about my experiences there.”
-Brian Kateman
CSI Macaulay Class of 2011

Macaulay Honors College
 Application Information

The Macaulay Honors College is for students who enjoy academic challenges.  Students enter the program as freshmen.  Mid-term and transfer applications are not accepted.

The Macaulay Honors College application is designed to provide information about each applicant's academic record and preparation for a rigorous intellectual college experience. The admission committee considers applicants’ high school grades, SAT I/ACT scores, essays, recommendations and, in some cases, interview. Click here for details.

Applicants should submit the application online to the University Application Processing Center (UAPC). (This application serves as both the freshman admission application to CUNY and to the Macaulay Honors College. No other application is required.)  Click here for the online application.

Applications must be submitted by December 1st at 6 pm EST. CSI will notify the applicant about admission to the College of Staten Island in the middle of February. Notification about admission to the Macaulay Honors College will be mailed on March 15th.

For Further Information

You may contact the Office of Admission at CSI, (718) 982-2010,  Office of Admission Services (OAS) at 1-800-CUNY-YES, or the CSI Honors College office (718) 982-2222.