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Macaulay Honors College
Kaitlin Kelly, CSI Macaulay student

“Biology Professor Jimmie Fata helped me to complete my seminar research and invited me to work in his breast cancer research laboratory.”
-Kaitlin Kelly
CSI Macaulay Class of 2013

Macaulay Honors College
 Student Life

The Macaulay Experience

Student life is an important part of the Macaulay Honors College experience. CSI’s small group of MHC students are a close-knit, active group. In addition, they are part of the larger Macaulay community, and they participate in academic, professional, and social events and organizations with Scholars from the six other campuses. Macaulay students see themselves as part of their campuses, the city, and the world.

Please take a look at the many student life opportunities we offer, from study abroad to internships, leadership and community service, cultural events, and special university events