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Mitchell Lovell, Communications/Media Studies Major

Mitchell LovellThe opportunities fund allowed me study abroad in Santander, Spain for four weeks in the summer. While there, I advanced my Spanish skills in a classroom with five students and four instructors. I also studied Spanish literature and cinema. In addition to my studies, my trip consisted of tapas tours, bullfights, and flamenco dances. By the end, my comfort in the language improved so much that I even performed a rap in Spanish in front of the entire program.

When the fall semester started, I wanted to share my stories and encourage other students to study abroad. Volunteering as a study-abroad peer advisor allows me to do this. It has also given me the opportunity to promote international education in the broader community through high school visits. It's a great feeling you get when you play a part in enriching the life and involvement at your campus community.

Brian Kateman, Biology Major

Brian KatemanBrian Kateman found nirvana. And he’s still searching for more. He’s snorkeled with sea lions, relaxed on serene beaches and slept under the stars while aboard a luxury yacht, spoke Spanish and danced with the locals, and dined on Latin American cuisine. And, this wasn’t part of a fancy vacation package.

Kateman, of Bulls Head, is a member of the CUNY Macaulay Honors College, which provides an unprecedented educational opportunity for high-achieving New York City students. The chances to study abroad, with the help of the program, are great. Read more about Brian's study abroad experience >>