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Human Resources

Hope Berte, Director
Building 1A-204
Phone: 718-982-2379

The mission of the Department of Human Resources is to support the College in providing access and excellence in quality education through a high level of service for faculty and staff in all areas of personnel administration. The Human Resources staff endeavors to foster motivation, development and retention of talented personnel that contribute to the College’s overall mission.

You may email your questions or comments to the Human Resources Department @

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Summer Schedule 2014


The Summer four-day workweek program will be in effect for the 2014 season. The program will be in effect from Monday, June 23, 2014 through Friday, August 8, 2014. Practices for the workweek, including Independence Day, shall be the same as in the preceding years.  The Independence Day Holiday will be observed on Friday, July 4, 2014; during that week staff shall have four regular un-extended workdays on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


The work day for full time clerical, administrative and non-teaching instructional staff employees is 8 3/4 hours plus an additional 45 minutes for lunch from Monday through Thursday (for example, shift starts at 8am and ends at 5:30Pm Monday through Thursday with Friday off).


Employees who do not wish or are unable to work the extended schedule shall be given the option of working four regular days (for example, shift starts at 9am and ends at 5pm Monday through Thursday) and charge the fifth day (Friday) to annual leave. All such requests should be submitted to Human Resources, with Supervisor's approval, prior to June 1st  ;employee must have sufficient annual leave (6 days) banked as of the date of submission in order to opt out.


As a reminder all Public Safety, Buildings and Grounds and 220 Titles are exempt from participating and remain on their normal Monday through Sunday shifts.


On Campus Meetings:


Metlife Mark Adamek

May 15th , June 19th

2A room 401  -  10:00 am-2:30pm


TIAA CREF  Clement Akintomide

BY Appointment ONLY Contact Maxine Jones at (800) 842-2733 ext. 232461

May 7th ,  June 17th

3A room 202  -  9:00 -5:00pm (RSVP only)


Halliday Financial  Joseph Tedeschi

BY Appointment ONLY Contact Nichole Johansen 1-800-786-1598 x223

May 7th, June 3rd  

1P room 116  10 - 4pm (RSVP only)


Brown Bag Series



May 20th  Social Security and Medicare Q&A

June 18th  MCU's Financially Fit Series Identity Theft and Understanding Credit


Location 1A -308 Feel free to bring your lunch



Off Campus Seminars:


NYCERS - Monthly Pension Seminars *Reservations required*

All Seminars are held at NYCERS located at 335 Adams Street, 22nd Fl. Brooklyn, NY


Tier 4 Members only- 5/7, 5/21, 6/11, 7/9,7/23,9/3, 10/1, 10/22,11/19,12/17

Tier 1&2 Members only- 6/4, 9/17, 12/10

Tier 6 members only-6/18, 9/10, 12/3


Please contact Manuela Alongi at extension 2713 or send an email to to make a reservation.



Professional Development Opportunities


Below is the link to the OHRM Professional Development and Learning Management (PDLM) course catalog and course schedule for Spring 2014. PDLM courses fall under the broad categories of workplace effectiveness, managerial/supervisory training, desktop technology, sustainability management (for maintenance/custodial supervisors), and compliance (including workplace violence and sexual harassment prevention).


Please note that the cost of these professional development opportunities remains minimal.  In general, CUNY Professional Development Program courses are $60 per day per participant and technology classes are $15 per participant. These courses do not take place at CSI; training locations vary but are usually in Manhattan.



Spring 2014 Course Catalog


Spring 2014 Course Schedule


In Order to register for courses please complete the registration form process as outlined in the link below.


PDLM E-Registration