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 Asylum MFP 3D BIO Atomic Force Microscope

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  • Low Noise Scan Head and XY Scanner
  • 16µm Z range.
  • Superluminescent diode with an 860nm wavelength yields a flat baseline in force curves and images, and avoids interfering with red fluorophores (Texas Red, Cy5).
  • Closed loop operation. 90µm XY scan range.
  • X&Y sensor noise <0.6nm average deviation (Adev) in a 0.1Hz-1kHz bandwidth and sensor non-linearity <0.5% (Adev/full travel) at full scan. Z sensor noise <0.3nm Adev in a 0.1 Hz-1 kHz BW and Z sensor non-linearity less than 0.2% (Adev/full travel) at full scan.
  • Optical lever noise <0.03nm Adev in a 0.1Hz to 1kHz BW.
  • Built-in nanolithography and nanomanipulation capabilities with MicroAngelo™.


  • The MFP-3D-BIO mounts on an inverted Zeiss Axio Observer.A1 microscope. AFM flexibly combines with many optical techniques such as bright field, phase, epifluorescence,TIRF, FRET, confocal, etc.
  • Accepts all high numerical objectives including those for TIRF.
  • Dual positioners control alignment between the tip, the optics, and the sample.
  • High resolution optical view allows easy positioning of the sample for AFM imaging.
  • Laser safety interlock is available for TIRF, confocal and laser-trapping experiments.


  • The Top View module uses a Plan APO 10x/NA 0.28 objective integrated in the scan head and enables viewing of opaque samples, and easy alignment of the beam on the cantilever.
  • The phase contrast illumination module utilizes the same objective for use as a condenser lens.

Environmental Accessories for Dynamic Experiments:

  • BioHeater heats samples to 80°C with an accuracy of 0.1°C
  • Closed fluid cell with 10 ports allows imaging in a completely sealed environment.
  • PolyHeater (non-liquid samples only) heats samples to 300°C with an accuracy of 0.3°C.

Flexible Software:

  • User-friendly interface built on IGOR Pro integrates analysis, scripting and publication-quality graphics.
  • Built-in, easy cantilever calibration by the thermal or Sader methods.
  • Measure force curves at specified locations on your sample with a simple click of the mouse.
  • Process images using auto-generated masks to eliminate artifacts.
  • Add fit equations to section plots, histograms or any other data set.
  • ARgyle™ software module (which comes standard), allows users to render images in advanced 3D mode, as stereo anaglyphs (3D glasses), or as overlays by combining separate channels of data into a single 3D image (ie. confocal data as color scale on a 3D AFM topography image).
  • System includes computer with competitive specifications and dual-monitor 3D graphics card.