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The Curriculum: The Intensive Program in English and Cultural Orientation
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The ELI offers intensive, comprehensive English language instruction and cultural orientation throughout the year. The program consists of twenty classroom hours of instruction per week and covers all aspects of spoken and written English, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Classes are given at four levels of proficiency, from beginner to advanced. Course content includes the proper use of English structures, fluency and accuracy of expression with acceptable pronunciation, listening and reading comprehension, and writing for personal academic and professional purposes. Students communicate in English from the first lesson at the beginner level. At all levels they work on integrated skills, focusing on the active, knowledgeable use of the language, rather than mere passive comprehension.

Basic components of the curriculum:

Additional Programs:
Programs for Companies
Business English
Customized English and Cultural Orientation Programs

Private classes and contract programs can be arranged on an individual, case-by-case, basis. Click to see the American Language and Culture Program for details.

Educational Services / Opportunities: Academic and personal counseling, assistance with banking, introduction to the local community, and cultural and educational events are available to all students. The Center assist students in college application and admission processes after they complete the English program.

There are three basic components of the curriculum: Reading and Writing, Grammar, and Self-Expression.

Reading and Writing

The focus on these classes is on developing and strengthening students' abilities to read and interpret texts in English and to write for academic or business purposes. This course helps international students prepare for university writing requirements. Writing activities include journals, reports, argumentative essays, literary criticism, and creative writing. The advanced levels also cover research paper formats and style, and library and electronic media research.

Grammar Courses
In Grammar classes, emphasis is on developing an awareness of and facility in the use of accurate and appropriate structures in spoken and written English. Grammatical forms are practiced in meaningful situations, and students learn to express their ideas clearly and accurately. Class work and homework assignments stress the interdependence of grammar and communication. Students become aware of all aspects of grammatical structures, including form, meaning, syntax and use.

In these classes, students develop an ability to communicate in English with ease and confidence, and with acceptable pronunciation. Emphasis is on effective listening and on speaking with increased fluency, accuracy, and vigor. Advanced level students practice the use of cultural cues and appropriate tone and style in discussions, presentations, debates, and interviews. Course content draws upon students' multicultural experiences and explores various aspects of American culture and institutions. Qualified advanced level students have an option of taking one regular college course while attending the ELI.

A special feature of the intensive daytime program is a significant component on American culture and institutions which helps integrate international students into US academic life. A number of workshops and clubs are offered regularly and they are open to all program participants.

Each semester, with their teachers, ELI students explore a number of New York City's exciting cultural and historic landmarks and those in adjacent New Jersey. They visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the United Nations, Central Park, ethnic neighborhoods, restaurants, and theaters. Many have opportunities to spend a holiday with American families.

During the fall and spring semesters, classes meet Tuesday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 3:30p.m. In the summer session, classes meet Monday through Thursday. All students take twenty hours of classroom instruction per week.

Program Sessions
Two four-month sessions and three three-month sessions are offered each academic year. Three four-month sessions start in early February, late May, and early September. Three-month sessions start in mid-October, mid- March, and in June.

Students are placed into levels on the basis of a placement TOEFL test, a writing sample, an oral comprehension test and an interview with the Student Development Coordinator. Workshops, clubs, and all co- curricular learning activities are open to students in all levels.

The ELI administers an Institutional Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) in December, May, and August. A TOEFL preparation focus class offers practice for the test and helps students work on effective test taking strategies.

Each semester, certificates of completion are awarded at graduation ceremonies, which are held in December, May, and August. Each student's progress is monitored carefully by the instructors and Academic Coordinator. Mid-term progress reports and detailed final evaluations are prepared for each student.

Faculty and Staff

Classes at the English Language Institute are taught by a dedicated team of highly professional, experienced teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages. Instructors use innovative teaching approaches and carefully selected materials, computer laboratories, and the resources of the media center, which stimulate active student participation and facilitate learning.

The Center for International Services’ staff, ELI instructors and staff create a very supportive environment for the students. They provide academic and personal counseling, assistance with banking, introduction to the local community, and information about cultural and educational events to facilitate adjustment.

The Center staff counsel students about visas, personal matters, and health insurance and assist the ELI students in the college application and admission process after students complete the English program.

Additional Programs

Programs for Companies

To help organizations meet their employees' language training objectives, the English Language Institute can design and implement on-site programs in English for speakers of other languages. Courses may range from basic training in oral and written English for people with minimal proficiency, to advanced programs in Effective Business Communication and Business Writing for highly proficient speakers. Participants work on all aspects of the language, including professionally related vocabulary, idiomatic English, and appropriate business tone and style. Simulated business presentations, meetings, and negotiations are part of the class format. The focus is on developing effective communication skills and intercultural performance in the workplace.

Business English
The English Language Institute designs and implements programs for executives, managers, and technical specialists who are engaged in or are planning business activities in the United States. The program is highly specialized to meet the unique needs of individuals and groups. Materials are researched and prepared to have direct relevance to the conduct of business in the participants' fields. The principal objective is to help participants become efficient and confident users of English and to facilitate all aspects of business and social interaction with their English-speaking counterparts.

Customized English and Cultural Orientation Programs
The ELI also offers American Language and Cultural Programs specially designed for groups of international professionals or students and business people. This is an increasingly popular program and in Europe is referred to as a “Language Vacation”. This is a very flexible program and is intended to help participants become more effective and knowledge travelers.

Private classes and contract programs can be arranged on an individual, case-by-case, basis.

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