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In 2005 the College initiated a program to increase access to cost-efficient study abroad and to expand the opportunities available to students through "reciprocal exchange" with foreign partner institutions. In these exchange programs, students pay their regular tuition and fees to their home institution and study in the other institution. Over time, the numbers of students from each institution is kept in balance. A local facilitator helps students locate housing and enroll in regular classes at the partner institution and explore the local environment. The number of students in each direction ranges from 2 to 5 each year. This is an excellent opportunity for mature, independent, highly motivated students in good academic standing. Financial Aid may apply and some programs have special grants available to defray the cost of living expenses. The programs aim to provide CSI students with valuable knowledge and skills while enabling them to experience life in the foreign educational environment while paying CSI tuition. In addition, the exchange students will serve as “CSI Student Ambassadors” and will gain a global perspective that helps them to achieve career goals in an increasingly interdependent world. The agreements for exchange partners have been built on the foundation of strong linkages between CSI faculty and partner university faculty.

Latest News
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Current exchange partners that CSI students may apply for exchange:

Additional exchange programs options for CSI students that are CUNY-wide: