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Center for International Service
 International Faculty Development

Faculty Development Opportunities include participation in exchange programs with institutions around the world as well as opportunities for on-campus international activities. Since 1985, CSI has administered the CUNY/Shanghai University Exchange Program (click for more information). In 1990, the Eastern European Working Group was organized as an on-campus activity; in 1991, it began to host a series of lectures; in 1993, The Center and The Group won a Fulbright Group Project to take CSI and Staten Island high school faculty to Eastern Europe. In 1994 a group interested in Vietnam and Southeast Asia was initiated; and the CUNY Vietnam Projects (click for more information) was established. This program is operated on behalf of CUNY and sends CUNY ESL faculty to Vietnam three times a year.

International Resource Survey The Center conducts an annual review of faculty and staff resources. Individuals with a strong interest in international involvement are urged to complete the survey. Click to download the form.