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The Center for International Service
International Projects and Programs
Staff provides training programs to international "clients”; develops outreach activities locally and internationally; and organizes on-campus programs including the weekly "World on Wednesday" speaker series and the monthly International Coffee Hour gathering. Click here for a detailed list. The Center currently administers the following projects:
August 15, 2005 – February 15, 2006
New Leaders for 21st Century Training Program American Topics

Mr. Jiahe Song
Ms. Weiwan Xu
Mr. Pengyu Zhang

● February - August 2005

New Leaders for 21st Century Training Program American Topics

left to right:
Mr. Gang Chen
Ms. Jie Qing
Mr. Jian Yong Teng

● July 6 – 23, 2005
Professional Development Seminar for Educators:
China in the Twenty-First Century: The Modernization of an Ancient Nation

● August 2004 - February 2005  

“New Leaders for 21st Century
Training Program”
American Topics

From left to right:
Mr. Xuancai Wen
Mr. Yi Tang
Ms. Yebo Duanmu

● February - August 2003
"New Leaders for 21st Century Training Program" with Shanghai Education Center for Administrative

 ● June - August 2003
Visiting Scholars from Cambodia

● October - December 2003
Wider Horizon Program (WHP)
The WHP program bridges the divide between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and between Catholic and Protestant communities, breaking down misconceptions and stereotypes.

● November 2003
Study Visit to New York City
for Members of the Education and Youth Council of the Municipality of Copenhagen