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Ms. Xiaoling Shen
Mr. Shuguang Hu
Mr. Qiang Lu

Shanghai Education Center for Administrators, Shanghai, China
Program with The College of Staten Island
City University of New York
February 19, 2003-August 18, 2003

This program brings three visiting scholars from Shanghai, China, to the College of Staten Island from February 19, 2003 to August 18, 2003. The purpose of the scholars visit is to explore all aspects of American society and to conduct research associated with their individual goals. They are part of a continuing program for the New Leaders for the 21st Century Training Program, focusing on American topics. The program is sponsored by the Shanghai municipal government and is conducted by the College of Staten Island of the City University of New York.

While at the College of Staten Island, the scholars attend courses, meet with various community and government leaders, conduct research on leadership issues, and participate in various educational, social and cultural activities in the New York City area. They reside with local host families and participate in the everyday life of the community. Coordination of activities and support is provided by the Political Science, Economics and Philosophy Department (PEP) and the Center for International Service. For more information, contact Ann Helm, Barbara Clark and Winnie Brophy at the Center (718-982 -2100) or Prof. Ming Xia at the PEP department (718-982-3197).


Ms. Xiaoling Shen is Deputy Director of the Youth Division of Human Resource Department, Shanghai Airport Authority. Prior to that, she was working as Deputy Director of Enterprise Management Department, Shanghai Airport Operation and Management Company
from 1998-2002. She received her M.S. in Business Administration at Asia International Open University and received a B.S. in History Education at Shanghai Normal University.


Mr. Shuguang Hu is currently a Deputy Chief Judge of the Second Civil Division of Shanghai High People's Court and Judge of the Second Civil Division of Shanghai High People's Court. Mr. Hu also a part-time lecturer in Shanghai Judges Training Center. He holds a degree at the Law School of Shanghai University and completed postgraduate courses of Civil and Commercial Law in East China Institute of Politics and Law.


Mr. Qiang Lu is currently the Vice-Mayor of Hungdu Town government, Jiading, Shanghai, a position he has held since 1995. He holds a degree in Economy and Management at Shanghai Fishery University. Prior to that, he was working at the Rear and Fishery Bureau, Jiading, Shanghai. While at CSI, Mr. Lu hopes to improve his English and learn about U.S. culture and administration.