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 Wider Horizons Program (WHP)

Wider Horizons Program (WHP)
College of Staten Island, City University of New York
October – December 2003


The CSI Center for International Service administers the WHP program on behalf of the International Fund For Ireland and Tyrone and Leitrim Counties governments. The Center works with a community advisory group in the identification and orientation of work-placement sites and host families as well as over-all program design.

The Wider Horizons Program is a cross community, cross border program that works toward the goals of peace, reconciliation, and mutual understanding. It bridges the divide between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and between Catholic and Protestant communities, breaking down misconceptions and stereotypes. It works to unite and educate the members of these communities in the common goal of social advancement and tolerance.

WHP is supported by the International Fund For Ireland which was established as an independent, international organization by the British and Irish governments in 1986, with contributions from the United States, Canada, New Zealand and the European Community. The purpose of the Fund is to promote economic and social advancement and to encourage contact, dialogue and reconciliation between nationalists and unionists throughout Ireland.

WHP offers disadvantaged young people, aged 18-28, from the two traditions in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland the opportunity to improve their employment prospects through the provision of training and work experience at home and abroad. Since 1986, over 50 WHP programs have been conducted around the world.

Staten Island Program
The primary objectives of the Program are:

  • Providing academic experience to students
  • Providing work experience to students
  • Opening up the horizons of students to overseas culture
  • Promoting an understanding of diverse cultures

The participants in the Staten Island program will come from Tyrone County (in Northern Ireland) and Leitrim County (in the Republic of Ireland). Prior to arriving in America the participants will have personal development and basic computer skills trainings.

The participants will attend an eight-week program in Staten Island from the middle of October to the beginning of December 2003. This program is structured around a four-day internship and a one-day course/seminar at the College of Staten Island (CSI). Participants will also join a variety of planned social and cultural activities during some evenings and weekends throughout the eight-week program.

Homestay placements unite local hosts and provide a unique opportunity for participants to understand the US from an inside perspective. The host families provide a nurturing, structured home life for participants as well as an introduction to the local community. The participant is treated as a member of the family and learns adaptation skills along with understanding how some Americans see the issues of the day.

For more information, contact

Ann Helm
Director, Center for International Service

Barbara Clark
Assistant Director, Center for International Service

Winnie Brophy
Special Programs Assistant, Center for International Service