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 Working Group Charges

Group 1
Supporting the Institution's Mission and Goals Through Planning, Implementation and Assessment

Informed by the College’s Strategic Planning Process and the related Special Emphasis of this self-study (developing and strengthening assessment and evidence-based decision making to continue building institutional effectiveness), Working Group 1 will examine the manner and extent to which the College is achieving its mission and goals, is working towards its vision, and is remaining true to its values.  The Working Group will analyze the alignment of mission and goals with planning and resource allocation processes, institutional effectiveness, and procedures for informed decision-making.

Group 2
Sustaining Leadership, Integrity and Shared Governance

Working Group 2 will examine the College of Staten Island’s leadership structure, system of shared governance, administrative organization, and how the governance bodies conduct their work.  The Working Group will assess the integration of institutional values into policies and processes, and how general ethical standards, inclusiveness, and civility are embedded in the College’s culture and leadership.  The Working Group will also examine the relationship between the College and CUNY as it relates to questions of leadership and shared governance.

Group 3
Fostering Student Learning Opportunities, Retention and Success

Working Group 3 will examine the College’s recruitment and admissions policies and procedures in terms of their alignment with the College’s mission, goals, vision, and values.  Working Group 3 will also review the College’s student support programs in terms of their appropriateness, resources, delivery, and the integrity with which programs and services are promoted and implemented as they relate to student retention and student success.

Group 4
Supporting, Developing and Investing in a Quality Faculty

Working Group 4 will investigate the College of Staten Island’s efforts to attract, recruit, develop, and retain a quality faculty.  The Working Group will evaluate how faculty recruitment and development practices further the College’s mission.  In addition, The Working Group will examine the ethical standards utilized in the hiring, evaluating, and development of faculty throughout their careers.  Special attention will be given to the integrity of the aforementioned procedures.

Group 5
Creating an Atmosphere of Academic Excellence

Working Group 5 will evaluate the College of Staten Island’s efforts to offer the highest quality education to its undergraduate and graduate students consistent with its mission and goals.  The Working Group will examine the College’s General Education program in terms of current national best practices.  The Working Group will critique students' learning outcomes, the College’s assessment thereof, and the use of assessment data in decision-making for undergraduate, graduate, and general education programs.

Group 6
Encouraging Innovation, Outreach, and the Building of Constituent Bases

Working Group 6 recognizes that to meet the College mission, the College community must reach well beyond the traditional classroom and engage both matriculated and non-matriculated students in knowledge creation and acquisition.  The Working Group will explore the processes through which the College of Staten Island identifies and reaches out to varied constituent bases, ensures access, and fosters innovative programs and related educational activities (i.e., continuing education, distributed learning, specialized certificate programs, and experiential learning):  How effectiveness and learning outcomes are determined, what assessment processes are used and communicated, how they fit into and are coordinated within the College’s mission.  Working Group 6 will also explore the processes the College uses to develop new related educational activities.

Group 7
Building a Culture of Assessment and Accountability for Informed Decision-Making

Working Group 7 will examine the College’s procedures for promoting institutional effectiveness and informed decision-making, in keeping with the special emphasis of the self-study (developing and strengthening assessment and evidence-based decision making to continue building institutional effectiveness).  This group will also examine assessment processes as they relate to student learning outcomes.