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 Working Group and Steering Committee

Committee Co-Chair- Indicates Group or Committee Co-Chair

Steering Committee

Coordinator (W. Bell) OIRA
Vice President (Ramona Brown) Student Affairs
Dean (A. Chigogidze) Science & Technology
Barbara Cohen OIRA
Abdeslem El Idrissi Biology
Richard Flanagan PEP
Dean (C. Flynn Saulnier) Humanities & Social Sciences
Provost (W. Fritz) Provost
Committee Co-Chair Associate Provost (S. Holak) Associate Provost
Kenichi Iwama Chief of Staff
Tracey Jones PCA
Vice President (M. Kress) Information Technology
Catherine Lavender History
Edward Miller Media Culture
Mary O'Donnell Nursing
Vice President (I. Persky) Finance & Administration
Deborah Popper PEP
Committee Co-Chair Richard Powers History
Asst. Vice President (MB. Reilly) Enrollment Management


Group 1: Supporting the Institution's Mission and Goals Through Planning, Implementation and Assessment
Standards 1, 2, 3, 7

Mission and Goals; Planning, Resource Allocation, and Institutional Renewal;
Institutional Resources; Institutional Assessment

Lorraine Brocato Academic Affairs / Budget
Michelle Buonacore Admissions
Barbara Cohen OIRA
Bernie Domanski Computer Science
Barbara Eshoo College Advancement
Wilma Jones Library
Alan Lyons Chemistry
Lillian McGinn Campus Planning
Committee Co-Chair Mary O'Donnell Nursing
Richard Prinzi Alumni Association
Budget Director (E. Rios) Business Office
Syed Rizvi Engineering Science & Physics
El Samuels Education
George Sanchez PCA
Cynthia Scarinci Business


Group 2: Sustaining Leadership, Integrity and Shared Governance
Standards 4, 5, 6

Leadership and Governance; Administration; Integrity

Alejandra Alonso Biology
Alyson Bardsley English / WGS
Hope Berte Human Resources
Harry Cason PEP / PSC - Adjunct
Emmanuel Esperance Recruitment & Admissions
Committee Co-Chair Richard Flanagan PEP / PSC
College Counsel (K. Galvez) Legal Counsel
Ken Gold Education
Neila Green Registrar
Kenichi Iwama Chief of Staff
Faculty Senate Chair (J. LeBlanc) Biology
Jane Marcus Delgado Modern Languages
Paul Murtha Public Safety
Committee Co-Chair Ira Persky Finance & Administration
College Council Chair (J. Verzani) Mathematics
Mohamed Yousef Computer Science / PSC


Group 3: Fostering Student Learning Opportunities, Retention and Success
Standards 6, 8, 9, 13

Integrity; Student Admissions and Retention; Student Support Services;
Related Educational Activities

Rebecca Adler Schiff Library
Ken Bach Public Relations
Sarah Benesch English / ESL
Leigh Binford SASW
Committee Co-Chair Vice President (Ramona Brown) Student Affairs
Chris Cruz Cullari Disability Services
Eileen Donoghue Education
Committee Co-Chair Abdeslem El Idrissi Biology
Gloria Garcia SEEK
Charles Gomes College Now
Tim Gray English
Alan Hoffner College Testing
Debi Kee Student Life
Philippe Marius Financial Aid
Gerry Milligan Modern Languages
Director (D. Pizzuto) Athletics
Aru Raychaudhuri Mathematics
Director (L. Sharib) Academic Support
Suzy Shepardson Academic Advisement
Sasha Spence Admissions
Vito Zajda Veterans' Affairs


Group 4: Supporting, Developing and Investing in a Quality Faculty
Standards 6, 10

Integrity; Faculty

Marie Anderson Academic Affairs
Comfort Asanbe Psychology
Michael Batson CORE / History - Adjunct
Alan Benimoff Engineering Science & Physics
David Bloomfield Education
Russell Davis International Service
Danielle Dimitrov Diversity & Compliance
Director (L. Ebert) Sponsored Programs & Research
Maria Knikou Physical Therapy
Committee Co-Chair Catherine Lavender History
Alfred Levine Engineering Science & Physics
Mark Lewental Library - Media Services
Fred Naider Chemistry
Committee Co-Chair Dean (A. Chigogidze) Science & Technology
Ralf Peetz Chemistry
Andrew Poje Mathematics
Saadia Toor SASW


Group 5: Creating an Atmosphere of Academic Excellence
Standards 11, 12, 13, 14

Educational Offerings; Related Educational Activities; General Education;
Assesment of Student Learning

Christine Cea IBR
Coordinator (V. DiMeglio) Curriculum
Committee Co-Chair Dean (C. Flynn Saulnier) Humanities & Social Sciences / General Education
Carol Hartman Biology
Yumei Huo Computer Science / CPE
Committee Co-Chair Tracey Jones PCA
Kristen Lindtvedt Library
Committee Co-Chair Charles Liu Engineering Science & Physics
Mary Reda English
Jeffrey Rothman Physical Therapy
Jonathan Sassi History
Tobias Schaefer Mathematics
Coordinator (D. Scimeca) CORE
Nelly Tournaki Education
Caryl Watkins Career & Scholarship


Group 6: Encouraging Innovation, Outreach, and the Building of Constituent Bases
Standards 11, 13, 14

Educational Offerings; Related Educational Activities; Assesment of Student Learning

Dean Balsamini Small Business Development
Bill Bernhardt English
Barbara Clark International Service
Linda Conte Health & Wellness Services
Katie Cumiskey Psychology
Calvin Holder History
Susan Imberman Computer Science
Linda John Information Technology
Robert King Kee Emerging Leaders
Director (H. Kijne) Continuing Education
Committee Co-Chair Michael Kress Information Technology
Jonathan Peters Business
Committee Co-Chair Deborah Popper PEP / Macaulay
Susan Sullivan Education
Julia Zerato Recruitment & Admissions


Group 7: Building a Culture of Assessment and Accountability for Informed Decision-Making
Standards 7, 14

Institutional Assessment; Assessment of Student Learning

Coordinator (W. Bell) OIRA
Carol Brower Student Life
Shannon Cammarano The Hub
Jean Coombs Finance & Administration
Katie Geschwendt The Verrazano School / FIRST
Jennifer Lynch Alumni Office
Susan Mee Nursing
Ed Meehan Psychology
Committee Co-Chair Edward Miller Media Culture
Committee Co-Chair Asst. Vice President (MB. Reilly) Enrollment Management
Nick Saccone Budget Office
Deborah Sturm Computer Science
Tom Tellefsen Business
Judy Walsh Education - Adjunct


Committee Co-Chair- Indicates Group or Committee Chair

Special Resource Committee

Committee Co-Chair Susan Holak Associate Provost
Janice Awerbuch Design Services
Aleksander Dudek OIT
Manny Gonzalez Special Events
Elizabeth Greene Buildings and Grounds
Dan Hoizner OIRA / Student
Tom Lauria OIT
Louise Levine English (Editor)
Debbie Mahoney Academic Affairs
Jodi Merendino Catering Services
Sam Michalowski OIRA
Joyce Taylor OIT
Robert Yurman Security
Representative TBD Student Government