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Major Campus Self-Study Events
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Immersion Phase  
Date Activity
December 9-11, 2007 Middle States Annual Conference, Philadelphia
December 7-9, 2008 Middle States Annual Conference, Baltimore
April 27, 2009 “Fostering a Campus Culture of Assessment,” Assessment Workshop, Pace University
November 10-11, 2009 Middle States Self-Study Institute, Philadelphia
December 9-11, 2009 Middle States Annual Conference, Philadelphia
Design Preparation Phase
Date Activity
December 2009-January 2010 Follow-up reporting to campus leaders about Middle States Institute
January 2010 Drafts of design proposal and development of Special Emphasis
January–February 2010 Revisions to proposed design; working group memberships proposed to campus leaders
Design Launch Phase
Date Activity Outcome
February 18, 2010 Steering Committee Meeting Overview of the process.  Vote to accept proposed design
February 24, 2010 Steering Committee Meeting Review of draft charges and discussion of self-study question approach
March 3-17, 2010 Working Group and Advocate Group Introductory Meetings Orientation to the process.  Review of draft charge and discussion of self-study question approach.  Discussion of Advocate role.
March 30, 2010 Self-Study Design Submitted to Middle States VP Barbara Loftus Preparation for site visit
April 7, 2010 Meeting with Student Government Leaders Discussion of accreditation, 14 standards, the self-study timeline, and liaison visit
April 9, 2010 Seventh CSI Day of Assessment Co-Chairs present overview of accreditation, development of the CSI design, timeline, and purpose of the upcoming liaison visit to the audience at this day-long conference
April 14, 2010 Campus Visit of VP Barbara Loftus Introduction to the campus setting
April 15, 2010 Middle States Assessment Workshop, Pace University CSI is represented by Associate Provost Susan Holak, Ms. Gloria Garcia, Dr. Catherine Lavender, Dr. Susan Mee, Mr. Warrick Bell
May 24, 2010 Steering Committee Phone Conference Finalization of revised Special Emphasis
Design Implementation and Self-Study Preparation Phase
Date Activity Outcome
September 2010 Question and resource finalization Confirmation of research questions
September-October 2010 Multi-Group Standard analysis Confirmation of coverage of Standards that are addressed by more than one Working Group
Fall 2010 Steering Committee oversees Working Group research and progress milestones Progress updates provided and milestones met
September 2010 Finalize Steering Committee membership Final membership listing to be included in the revised self-study design draft
September-October 2010 Working Groups meet to organize research effort Active approaches to research questions are determined
October 2010 Questions and requests for data.  Discussion of document template Working Group chairs begin to formulate further research plans and determine additional needs
October 2010 Steering Committee reviews proposed research questions Final versions of research questions confirmed
October-November 2010 Research updates and special data requests to OIRA Additional research and data sources determined
October-November 2010 Working Group meetings and research effort continues  
November-December 2010 Working Group report outlines to Steering Committee Report framework established
November-December 2010 Working Group meetings to further research Outlines developed further
December 8-10, 2010 MSCHE Annual Conference, Philadelphia Strong representation from CSI
December 2010 Final report outline  
Winter 2010-2011 Middle States Commission selects team chair Team chair and College negotiate on team visit date
January-February 2011 Draft report structure developed  
Spring 2011 Middle States Commission selects team members College approves evaluation team
March 2011 Working Group reports due Material submitted to Steering Committee
April 2011 Editing and revision of Working Group reports Draft self-study
April-May 2011 Initial self study draft  
May 2011 Governance and public review on first draft Draft of self-study report reviewed by community and governance bodies
Late May 2011 Initial feedback period ends  
Summer 2011 Revisions  to first draft Draft of self-study report revised based on feedback
September 2011 Governance and public review on second draft Revised draft of self-study report reviewed by community and governance bodies
September 2011 Joint meeting of self study Steering Committee & Resource Committee Early planning for site visit by Evaluation Team Chair
Late September 2011 Penultimate draft sent to Evaluation Team Chair for comment and campus familiarization  
October 2011 Joint meeting of self study Steering Committee & Resource Committee  
November 2011 Evaluation Team Chair visit to College of Staten Island Team chair becomes acquainted with campus in preparation for full team visit
November-December 2011 Revisions to draft document Steering Committee completes self-study document
January-February 2012 Final version of Self-Study submitted to Middle States and sent to evaluation team Evaluation team prepares for visit beginning at least six weeks prior
March 2012 Evaluation Team Visit  
March – April  2012 Evaluation Team Report sent to College of Staten Island College has the opportunity to review 
April-May 2012 Review Period College has the opportunity to submit necessary corrections
May 2012 Evaluation Team issues final report  
May-June 2012 Response Period College prepares response to report, as necessary
Summer 2012 Middle States Commission accreditation decision