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Modern China Studies

  • Why study modern China?

    China’s presence on the international stage has captivated the attention of a world audience. With a population well over a billion, China is perceived as the next major political and economic power. The rise of a powerful modern China will have a major impact on the future of college students who are now preparing to enter the professions, the business world, the arts, as well as the global community. The College of Staten Island recognizes the importance of Modern China Studies for its diverse student body, which includes many second generation Chinese Americans.
  • Why modern China studies at CSI?

    The College of Staten Island embraces the goal that an undergraduate education must cultivate the ability to think globally, to analyze in a comparative context, and to value human differences. The College’s Modern China Studies program makes a unique contribution to these goals. The program is committed to providing academic excellence through a variety of exciting interdisciplinary courses and a Modern China Studies Certificate program. Further enhancements are provided by international exchanges, a vast array of textual and on-line resources, and impressive cultural events. The Modern China Studies program provides a dynamic interchange among CSI students, faculty, and members of the Staten Island and New York City community that promotes greater cross-cultural understanding. Consequently, the College community participates in the study of modern China as part of an integrated global system rather than as a foreign “other.”
  • What are CUNY China programs?

    CUNY China Programs are university-wide programs that have been administered on behalf of the City University of New York by the College of Staten Island’s Center for International Service. The programs draw upon the expertise of China and Asian faculty throughout CUNY, and consist of the following:

    • The CUNY Shanghai University Exchange Program
    • The CUNY Shanghai University Study Abroad Program
    • The CUNY Nanjing University Study Abroad
    • Overseas Honors Courses – Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta
    • The CUNY China Study Tour for Educators
  • Who should I contact if I have questions or need advisement regarding the Modern China Studies certificate program?

    Ying Zhu, PhD
    Modern China Program
    College of Staten Island
    The City University of New York
    718-982-2535 (Office)
    718-982-2710 (FAX)