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We encourage you to search the world’s most comprehensive grant funding database, the Community of Science (COS), to which the Research Foundation of CUNY subscribes for each campus. COS is for all disciplines, including the social sciences and humanities. It provides investigators with electronic access to search current funding opportunities – over 20,000 of them. You can locate funding for research, collaborative projects, fellowships, travel, equipment, training grants, meetings/conferences/seminars, artistic pursuits, publishing, postdocs, among the many offerings. It is easy to use and available through your on-campus computer. If you first create a personal account, then you can access the database remotely. Search results can be saved and shared via email with colleagues and collaborators.

Simply follow these directions. Visit the Community of Science homepage. Register as a 'New User' . Click the following link to '‘Search COS Funding Opportunities'. The 'Main Search' option gives you the most selections of search criteria from which to choose. The 'Search Wizard' option will help step you through creating a search.

Another search tool that is extremely useful is Through this website, you can search for funding sources, download applications, and apply for funding.