College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York

Parking Services
 Parking Decal Fees

Student Parking Decal Fees

Students Fall & Spring & Summer - Full 2016/2017 Academic Year $ 115.00
Students Fall 2016 or Spring & Summer 2017 $ 62.00
Students Summer 2017 $ 45.00
Students Full Academic Year Lot 6 Only
(sold in person - first come first served)
$ 77.00*
Students- Dolphin Cove Resident Full Academic Year 2016/2017 $ 231.00


* Sales of Lot 6 Only student decals will be made in person only, on a first come first served basis with a limited number sold. No Lot 6 only decal requests will be accepted by mail.


Faculty & Staff Parking Decal Fees

Use the table below to determine the parking decal fee associated with your job title.
$124 Part Time Employees
  Adjunct Professor
  Campus Security Assistant
  College Assistant
  Disability Accomodation Specialist
  Graduate Assistant
  Related Entities - Part Time
  Sign Language Interpreter
$167 Full Time Employees
  Campus Peace Officer
  Custodial Assistant
  Finance Accountant Assistant
  IT Support Assistant
  Mail Message Services Worker
  Purchasing Agent
  Related Entites-Full Time Hourly
  Supervisor-Stock Worker
$189 Engineer
  Maintanance Worker
  Public Safety Sergeant
  Stationary Engineer
  Related Entities-Full Time Salaried
$189 Administrative Superintendent B&G
  Facilities Coordinator
  Finance Accountant
  Graphics Designer
  HEO Assistant
  IT Associate
  Project Manager
  Staff Nurse
$225 Campus Security Director
  Campus Security Assistant Director
  Full Time Faculty
  HE Associate
  HE Officer