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College policy requires ALL students (visiting, Full-time, Part-time, Weekend, Continuing Education, etc) and employees who park on campus to register their vehicle with the Office of Parking & DolphinCard Services (Building 3A Room 106) and display a valid CSI Parking Decal. The use of a "Visitor Pass" for the day is not a substitute for a required decal and may result in the issuance of a summons. Please note that although visitors are restricted to Lot #6, students who park their vehicles there are required to display a valid CSI Parking Decal.


All members of the college community have the option to register their cars and receive a decal either through the mail or by visiting the Office of Parking & DolphinCard Services, located in the West Administration Building (Building 3A Room 106). During the month of August, parking decal information and applications are sent directly to all students who have registered for the Fall semester, and all employees of the college who purchased a CSI decal for the previous academic semester (spring/summer term). In order to be eligible to purchase a parking decal, all outstanding tickets must be satisfied before a decal will be issued.

What do I need to register my vehicle?

  • Print and complete the appropriate Parking Permit Registration Form
    Click here for Student Form               Click here for Faculty/Staff Form
  • State License Plate of the vehicle you wish to register
  • Payment:

    In-person purchases Cash, check, Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted
  • Mail purchases checks and money orders made payable to "CSI-ASC" are accepted. Please include a completed parking registration form along your payment in an envelope addressed to:

    College of Staten Island
    Office of Parking & DolphinCard Services
    2800 Victory Blvd 3A-106
    Staten Island, New York 10314

Can I transfer my decal to another car?

You cannot transfer decals from one vehicle to another. If you get a new car, bring the following to the Office of Parking & DolphinCard Services:

  • Remove the decal from the old car
  • Print and complete the Request for Action Form
  • Print a Parking Registration Form with the new car information
  • A fee of $5 will be charged for all replacements

Parking decals must be installed on all vehicles in accordance with decal installation instructions, which accompanies your new decal. It is important that decals are installed on the driver's side of the vehicle, usually on the rear passenger window. Decals must be "permanently" affixed by removing the adhesive cover on the decal. If your car has an after-market tint, do not install a decal on a car window. Please contact the Office of Parking & DolphinCard Services for special instructions.