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What is Pathways?

The Pathways Initiative establishes a new system of general education requirements and transfer guidelines across CUNY.

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What is General Education?

To assure that students leave college with a rich understanding of the world, CUNY undergraduates must complete coursework which provides:

  • Well-rounded knowledge of the humanities, sciences and social sciences
  • Critical appreciation of diverse cultures and intellectual traditions
  • Ways to relate the past to today’s complex world
  • The ability to help society create a fresh and enlightened future

Pathways in General Education does this by:

  • Grounding students in the fundamentals of English, mathematics and science
  • Strengthening critical thinking skills
  • Encouraging intellectual curiosity, with the goal of sparking a commitment to lifelong learning

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When does the Pathways Initiative begin?

Effective Fall 2013, all newly matriculated CUNY College students will be required to complete designated Pathways general education courses.

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What are Pathways Courses?

CUNY’s Pathways approach to General Education has several components:

  • The 30-credit Common Core:
    • The Required Core = 12 Credits
    • The Flexible Core = 18 Credits
  • The 6 to 12 credit College Option
    • Applies only to students in bachelor's degree programs at senior colleges
  • Identification of common, easily transferable gateway courses into many of CUNY's largest majors.

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How does Pathways affect transferring to a CUNY senior college?

Pathways creates a seamless transfer credit system from one CUNY college to another. It ensures that when a student has met a Common Core or College Option requirement at one CUNY college, those requirements will automatically be met if they transfer to another CUNY college. Further information on this process can be found by clicking here.

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Does Pathways apply to me?

Pathways automatically pertains to the following student groups:

  • All new students entering CSI beginning in the Fall 2013 and enrolled in the following degrees:
    • BA or BS degrees
    • AA or AS degrees
  • Those students returning to CSI who have taken a leave from the college for more than one semester.

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I am enrolled in an Associate in Applied Science degree program. How does Pathways affect me?
  • All CUNY AAS students must complete between 20 and 30 Common Core credits.
  • Those who transfer to AA, AS or bachelor’s degree programs will need to complete any remaining unfulfilled Common Core; and if applicable, College Option buckets.

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I matriculated into CSI before Fall 2013. Should I change to Pathways?

Continuing students who entered CSI prior to Fall 2013 can choose whether they wish to complete their existing graduation education requirements or change (“opt-in”) to Pathways.

Many factors need to be considered when you are deliberating this decision. They include:

  • The number of credits which you have already earned.
  • The courses that you have already completed.
  • The remaining courses you may or may not need to complete under Pathways.
  • Whether “opting-in” to Pathways would require you to complete more than 60 credits to graduate.
  • How your graduation timetable will be affected.
  • Whether changing to Pathways will affect your financial aid.

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Where can I find a complete listing of all of the courses in the New Pathways GE?

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What does “no more than two courses in any discipline or Interdisciplinary field” mean?

Recognizing the ideals of ensuring that CUNY students have the opportunity to receive a broad, Liberal Arts based education, a clause has been placed within Pathways to prevent students from taking more than 2 courses (i.e. – History, Language, etc.) from any one discipline to fulfill Common Core requirements.

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Could my College Now or AP credits count towards any of my GE requirements?

Yes, similar to current GE rules, courses determined to be equivalent to those which fulfill Pathways GE requirements also applied to your degree accordingly.

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How can I determine if opting-in is a good choice for me?

CSI recognizes that the decision to retain one’s current general education curriculum or to opt-in to Pathways’ can be daunting. Therefore, here this decision must be made in consultation with an academic advisor. The Center for Advising and Academic Success (CAAS) has scheduled a series of Understand Pathways Events to help you during your deliberation process. These events include:

  • Pathway Information Sessions
  • Pathways (By Major) Advising Sessions
  • Individual Advising Sessions
  • What-If Audit Sessions

A signed contract is required for all who choose to follow Pathways general education requirements. Additionally, once made, this decision is not reversible.

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