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Pluralism and Diversity

Pluralism & Diversity Program

The Mission of the Pluralism & Diversity Program aims to represent ethnic, religious, and cultural groups through various events and programs on campus. The ongoing goal is to celebrate our diversity while encouraging a unified campus.

Welcome to the College of Staten Island's Pluralism & Diversity web site. The College and the Office of Student and Enrollment Services supports a Pluralism & Diversity Program coordinated by Office of Student Life and advised by the Pluralism and Diversity Committee. The faculty, staff and student Committee is charged with facilitating an inclusive diversity program for the College that provides opportunities for reflection, engagement, and learning. To contact the Pluralism & Diversity Program, email

Location: Campus Center (1C), Room 201
Phone: (718) 982.3088

Office Hours:
Monday – Wednesday, & Friday 9AM - 5PM
Thursday 9AM - 7PM