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Pluralism and Diversity

Pluralism & Diversity Program
 About P&D

About P&D

What is Pluralism?

Pluralism refers to a social or political environment in which numerous distinct ethnic, religious, or cultural groups coexist (as in one neighborhood, city, nation, institution, or school).

What is Diversity?

A point or respect in which things differ; difference or variety.

What is the Pluralism and Diversity Program?

Pluralism & Diversity at CSI is a program that aims to represent ethnic, religious, and cultural groups through various events and programs on campus. Our on-going goal is to celebrate our diversity while at the same time encouraging a unified campus. The Pluralism and Diversity program encourages and/or sponsors a variety of educational, social, and cultural events throughout the academic year, intended to promote appreciation and respect for the diversity of the College and its surrounding community.

One of the commitments of the College of Staten Island is to create in all aspects of campus life: “… a climate that fosters respect for the pluralism of American society” and explore the many meanings of pluralism in this society.

The Pluralism & Diversity Program strives to:

  • Educate about our differences
  • Explore our commonalities
  • Confront racism
  • Challenge sexism
  • Face homophobia
  • Recognize ageism
  • Address other such prejudice through education and enlightened example.

We encourage students to participate in various workshops and events and to learn from diversity! If you are interested in participating in the organization of P&D events contact the Office of Student Life, Campus Center (1C), Room 201 at 718.982.3088, or email

Events and Programs

To find out about upcoming Pluralism and Diversity events, please contact the Office of Student Life, Campus Center (1C), Room 201 at 718.982.3088 or email  You can also search for upcoming Pluralism and Diversity events on CSI Connect, You can log in with your SLAS username and Password for more information.

If you are unsure about an event, or would like to suggest one, you can always contact a member of our staff by calling (718) 982-3088 or 2858.