College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York

Governance & Policies
 Policy on Electronic Communications
  • E-mail network access is for the exclusive use of CSI students, faculty and staff.
  • College of Staten Island/CUNY cannot guarantee that e-mail communications are private, confidential or free from legal considerations.
  • Transmitting copyrighted software or other copyrighted material on the network without authorization is prohibited.
  • E-mail users will be responsible for e-mail transmitted under their IDs.
  • The use of the College e-mail network for sending or storing messages, which are harassing, obscene or fraudulent, is prohibited.
  • Retrieving, diverting, or reading correspondence addressed to others is prohibited.
  • Willfully or maliciously degrading the performance of the network is prohibited.
  • All e-mail correspondence, which exceeds the capacity of the mailbox, will be deleted without notice.
  • All undeliverable e-mail will be removed and purged by the E-mail System Administrator.
  • E-mail software, the network, and all hardware are subject to inspection without notice by authorized employees, representatives, or agents of the College of Staten Island/CUNY.
  • The CSI e-mail network requires monitoring and periodic servicing by the E-mail System Administrator and his/her representative. The administrator or representative may need to shutdown the system for periodic maintenance and system upgrades. During the troubleshooting of e-mail problems, the administrator may be required to monitor e-mail activity.