College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York

The Office of Public Safety at the College of Staten Island

Robert Wilson, Director
Building 2A-108
Phone: 718-982-2113

Message From the Director

The College of Staten Island occupies the largest campus in the New York Metropolitan Area. On a daily basis it serves over 12,000 students, 1500 faculty and staff and hundreds of guest who attend conferences, programs and special events. CSI is proud of its record of safety on campus and the administration fully recognizes its responsibility to continue to maintain a safe and secure environment.

Everyone who comes onto our campus must be able to function without fear of physical, emotional or psychological harm. Creating a safe campus is a college-wide endeavor that requires the cooperation and support of all members of our community.

Robert Wilson
Director of Public Safety

The mission of the Office of Public Safety is to enhance the quality of campus life by providing a safe and secure environment for our college community.  We strive to maintain an environment in which the primary educational mission of the college can be realized.

The Office of Public Safety shall excel in addressing both quality of life issues and the perception of dangerous conditions on our campus. This vision will be accomplished through improved security technology and employing contemporary public safety strategies within the highest standards of the campus law enforcement profession. Departmental leadership shall focus on creating a campus environment that addresses safety in full partnership with all campus members and the local community.

Core Values
The Office of Public Safety is “customer service” oriented. The manner and delivery of our services directly impacts the entire campus community. Members of the Department are committed to providing services with the highest degree of integrity, concern and respect for individual rights.