College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York

Important Dates

End of Spring Term

Memorial Day - College is closed


Last day to drop with 100% refund For Eight-week session and First Four-week session

First day of classes For Eight-week session and First Four-week session

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 Procedures for CSI Students to Take
  Courses at a NON-CUNY College

Prior to taking courses at another institution a student should inquire at the host college for registration dates and procedures governing permit/ transient students. Issuance of this approval does not guarantee enrollment at the host college. A student must have been enrolled at CSI as a matriculated student during the semester prior to taking courses at another institution in order to receive approval. Students planning to attend a NON-CUNY institution for more than one consecutive semester must obtain for all semesters at the same time and should file a readmit form prior to returning to CSI.

Student's seeking to take courses at another institution must be in good academic standing, have at least a 2.0 GPA, and have attempted at least 6 credits at CSI. Student's must obtain approval from the department chairperson and the Registrar in advance to take courses at another college if they are to be credited toward the degree at CSI. Students are reminded that they must complete a minimum of thirty credits through courses taken at CSI, including at least half (50%) of the major courses, to be eligible for graduation.

Departments may require a catalog from the host college in order to see course descriptions for evaluation.

Courses taken at a NON-CUNY Institution will not be covered by financial aid through The College of Staten Island. Nor will such credit (alone or combined with CSI credits) constitute full or part-time study certifiable by CSI. Tuition and fees for courses taken at a NON-CUNY college are to be paid to the host college.

Follow these steps:

  1. pick up form at Enrollment Services 2A-106
  2. go to appropriate CSI department(s) to obtain permission and course equivalency. This is indicated by faculty/chairperson's initials as indicated on the form (advisors signature when required).
  3. go to Enrollment Services 2A-106 for the College seal and Registrar's signature (verifying your matriculated status) on the approval form.
  4. go to host college to register for courses. Follow the regulations for payment at the host college.
  5. request host college to send an official transcript to CSI Registrar after final grades have been posted.

Grades earned of "C" or better will be transferred back to CSI and included in the GPA. The credits transferred for each course will be the value assigned by the host college in semester hours (i.e. ENG 151 is 4 credits at CSI, an equivalent courses taken on permit is 3 credits at the host college; upon transfer the student is awarded 3 credits for ENG 151 on their CSI transcript with the college taken at duly noted.)