College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
CSI Campus

Important Dates

Spring Recess from April 14 to April 22, 2014

Course Withdrawal period ends, Last day to drop with the grade of W without permission of an Instructor or Chairperson

Last day to withdraw from second 7 1/2 week courses.

Last Day to remove incomplete grades from the Fall 2013 semesters.

Final Examinations - Day/Evening - from Friday May 16 to Friday May 23, 2014

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 Visiting and Non-Degree Registration

Visiting and non-degree students are students currently not matriculated at CSI. To become a visiting and non-degree student, you must fill out a non-degree and visiting student online application. Additionally, please go to the registration schedule for information on when to register.

Courses are subject to availability.

Visiting Student Registration

If you are visiting from another college, please bring an unofficial transcript from your home college/university, and/or an authorization letter giving you permission to take the specific course at CSI for which you will attempt to register. Please note that students may do all of their transactions online, rather than in-person, if they follow the directions on the Visiting Student application and file their application early. Additional permissions may be required by the departments.

Non-Degree Student Registration

If you are a non-degree student (these are students who are not currently enrolled in another school), please bring in a copy of your transcript.  You may have to show this to the academic department to be permitted to take the desired course. Additional permissions may be required by the departments.

Registering for Someone Else

If you are registering for someone else, you must bring the following:

  • Permission letter/email from the student (registrant) allowing you to register for him/her
  • Identification of the student (registrant) and the person registering on behalf of the student