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 Veterans and UN Personnel

Military Personnel (and their families) and Veterans

A student who does not qualify as a resident, due to recent military service, but who was domiciled in the State of New York and/or City of New York (for community college students) prior to enlistment and resumes his/her domiciling in New York upon discharge from military service will be deemed a resident. The student must, however, resume his/her domicile in the State and/or City of New York (depending on senior or community college status) within six months after release from active service and maintain said domicile until the first day of classes of the semester in question. Documentation will be required to support the determination of residency.

Any student who is a member of the armed forces of the United States on full-time active duty and stationed in the State of New York shall be charged the resident tuition rate. In addition, spouses and dependent children are to be considered residents of the New York State. Such students shall continue to be charged the resident rate at a college of CUNY, even if they are subsequently discharged from military service.

United Nations Personnel

Foreign nationals employed by the United Nations, wishing to take advantage of the University's resident tuition rates, must present verification of their status as an employee of the United Nations, the spouse or dependent of a United Nation employee. The verification required is at least an annual certification from the Office of the Assistant Secretary General for Personnel Services.

Confirmation may be required from the Personnel Officer at the United Nations each semester because employment status can change rather frequently. The employees, spouses of employees and dependent children of employees of the United Nations shall be deemed to be residents of New York City.