College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York


CSTEP Advocacy Day

What is advocacy? (Ad – vo - ca-cy) : The act of pleading or arguing in favor of something, such as a cause , idea or policy; active support.

CSTEP students  meet face – to – face with State legislators in Albany, New York. This is a great way to personalize issues and give feedback as young voters.  It is also a great opportunity for students to educate their  State representatives about the importance of opportunity programs and Student Aid.

February 7, 2012 at the State Capital Albany, NY

Staten Island Senator Andrew Lanza (R-NY 24), CSI CSTEP Alumni, Nia Reddick & Marlon Cadore

February 12,2013, New York State Capital- Chambers in Albany, NY-College of Staten Island CSTEP Students and Program Staff

(left) Debra Evans-Greene; Marlon Cadore-(Alumni),Olarian Asambe-center, Kassandra Dorce-(Alumni), Antonio Alvarado-(Alumni);Jaritza Lima-(Alumni);StateSenator Kevin Parker (D-NY 21);Vanessa Jean-(Alumni) right; Senator Velmanetta Montgomery (D-NY 25); Nia Reddick- (Alumni) and Senator Eric Adams (D-NY 20)


NYSED Regional Conference

CSTEP Regional Conference April 27, 2013, at CUNY- Kingsbrough Community College

(Left) College of Staten Island Students; Vanessa Jean-(Alumni) - Kassandra Dorce-(Alumni), (Center), College of Staten Island Professor Charles Liu (Right) CSI student , Adekunle Afolabi (Alumni) and CSI student Sierra Coombs (Alumni)


NYSED - CSTEP Annual Statewide Science Competitions

NYSED CSTEP 25th Anniversary and 21st Annual CSTEP Student Statewide Science Conference - April 13-15, 2012 Lake George, NY.

College of Staten Island 1st place winner, alumni Angelica Grant

College of Staten Island Science Participants at NYSED Statewide Student Conference.

Senior, (left) Pierre Frantz- alumni, Dorianne Boubda (center) alumni, Angelica Grant (right) alumni, Juan Cardona.

Sophomores from the College of Staten Island and Conference Participants at Lake George, NY.  

(Left) Marlon Cadore, (right)  Joel Cadet.

April 12-14, 2013 Lake George, NY. 22nd Annual CSTEP Statewide Conference

Participants from the College of Staten Island; alumni, (right) Ms. Malice Golding , Psychology Major, 1st Place winner (center) Ms. Norma M. Jackson, Psychology Major - Honorable Mention (left), Mr. Simon Ng , Biochemistry Honorable Mention.

April 11-13, 2014 Lake George, NY. 22nd Annual CSTEP Statewide Conference participants from the College of Staten Island

(Left) Ms. Debra Evans-Greene Project Director; Mark Blounte, Sophomore; Kizzy Vasquez, Graduate Student; Francoise Sidime PHD Candidate, (center) Dr. Abdeslem Elidrissi Biology Dept. Chair; (left) Goodnews Nkama Senior; Joseph Rivera Senior; Christina Cuttitta, Graduate Student;(centered front left) Han Lee Senior, Honorable Mention for his  Psychology Oral Presentation;  (Centered front right) Joseph Inigo, Graduate Student and 1st Place Winner in  the Biochemistry Poster Competition.