College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
Division of Student Affairs
 Working Groups

Assessment Working Group
The Assessment Working Group is charged with providing divisional leadership for assessment efforts across Student Affairs.

Communications and Technology Working Group
The Communications & Technology Working Group is charged with a twofold purpose of promoting Student Affairs at CSI internally (divisionally) and externally (campus). The efforts of the group will include the utilization of all modes of communications (web, social media, etc.) to generate awareness about the work of student affairs and opportunities available to students.

Diversity Working Group
The Diversity Working Group is charged with promoting the principles of equity and inclusion with CSI students and throughout Students Affairs. Furthermore, the group will continuously assess the quality of the campus climate for students in particular student populations that have been historically underrepresented at CSI. In addition to assessing the campus climate for students, assessing the organizational climate for Student Affairs will be vital. Furthermore, the group will serve as a sounding board for the VP/AVP on issues of diversity. Lastly, the group will sponsor and partner with the College’s Pluralism and Diversity Committee to coordinate and promote diversity-related programs.

Professional Development Working Group
The Professional Development Working Group is charged with developing an annual calendar of learning opportunities for Student Affairs personnel with a focus on professional and personal development with an emphasis on opportunities that support developing the competencies needed to successfully serve students and actualize divisional goals.

Student Development and Engagement Working Groups 
The Student Development and Engagement Working Group is charged with providing oversight for the quality and breadth of opportunities provided by Student Affairs to assist in the holistic development of students as learners and citizens of the campus community. In addition, this working group will assess the quality of community among students on campus in the process identifying ways to cultivate and strengthen the sense of belonging for students.