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This page has been designed to provide Student Affairs professionals with assessment-related resources. 

Useful Links
The following are links to the pages of national organizations through which much of the current thinking on student learning and internal assessment is being developed and conducted. Many of the following sites contain interesting articles and presentations on various aspects of assessment, from learning outcomes to data collection to reporting. Many of these sites also offer extensive libraries of links to other assessment-related sites, so thorough exploration is encouraged.

  • Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) –
  • American Council on Education (ACE) – National and International Projects on Accountability and Higher Education Outcomes –
  • American College Personnel Administrators (ACPA) – Commission for Assessment and Evaluation – the ASK Project –
  • Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Ed (AALHE) –  
  • Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) –
  • National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities – Student Assessment – – (This website has a very large resources page that is worth reviewing.)
  • National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) –  
  • National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) –
  • Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment –
  • CampusLabs, formerly known as Student Voice –

The following are some links to the main assessment pages at a handful of other CUNY and “CSI-Peer” institutions. These provide some interesting examples of best practices at developing student learning outcomes and integrating them into initiatives, inside and outside the classroom:

Journals (All available if accessed on campus)

The following are helpful presentations and guides on particular aspects of developing assessment in your office. Many of these were originally found on the Student Voice, now CampusLabs, website (

  • Middle States Guide to Assessment
  • Developing a Culture of Assessment
  • Developing an Assessment Plan
  • Reporting/Sharing Results
  • Survey Design
  • Rubric Design  

Hard Copies
Did you know that the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs has been collecting texts on assessment and student learning for years? The following are some of the texts that you can “check out” from our Student Affairs library: