College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
Assessment Cycle
Division of Student Affairs Assessment

The members of the Student Affairs Assessment Committee believe outcomes assessment and student learning are essential components of our work as student affairs educators.  Creating a culture of evidence showcases the value of our services, efforts and accomplishments and helps to tell our story.   As we establish a truly meaningful culture of assessment that improves practice and enhances student learning, we believe assessment activities should be integrated into our work in ways that are important, relevant and specific to the knowledgeable individual professionals representing the Division's diverse programs and areas. 

 Working Group Chair:  TBA
Co-Chairs: Linda Conte and Winnie Eng
Linda Conte, Director, Health & Wellness Services
Winnie Eng, Counselor, Counseling Center
John Jankowski, Director, Center for the Arts
Debi Kee, Associate Director, Student Life
Shawn Landry, Director, Liberty Partnership

Dr. A Ramona Brown, Vice President for Student Affairs