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Health & Wellness Services
 Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Medical Certificate for Participation in PED 190 have to be completed before I register?
The Medical Certificate for PED 190 form must be completed (stamped, dated and signed) by a physician before registering for PED 190. If you are not registering for the PED 190 course you do not have to submit the form. 

Are over-the-counter medications available?
Yes, there is a medication dispensing machine located outside of the Health Center.  Most common over-the-counter medications are available for purchase.

Do you offer the HPV vaccine?
Yes. The HPV vaccine, Gardasil is available free of charge to qualified students.

How can I get an HIV test?
A community outreach educator from Community Health Action of Staten Island provides HIV counseling, education and HIV testing at the CSI Health Center. It is free, confidential, and oral (mouth swab, no blood). Results are available in 20 minutes. A current photo ID is required. Please call the Health Center for information or to make an appointment.

Do you provide pregnancy tests?
Pregnancy tests are available free of charge to students in the Health Center.

Do you offer help to quit smoking?
Yes. Smoking cessation support and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) patches and gum are available for students at the Drop-In Center (1C,111).

What steps must I follow in order to obtain a medical withdrawal?
You need medical documentation that includes date(s) of illness and diagnosis. Prior semesters require the instructor's permission. The Instructor's Release Form is obtained in the Registrar's Office. Only WU, INC, and FIN grades can be changed. Medical withdrawals are subject to the regular College refund policy. See the Academic Calendar for more details.

Who are Peer Educators?
Peer Educators are of a group of students who are committed to enhancing their own health and the health of the CSI community. Peer Health Educators care about health and, more importantly, about people. Peer Health Educators are trained by professional staff members and come from all academic majors.  They bring their unique skills and diverse perspectives into their health promotion efforts. These students staff the Drop-in Center and are available to talk with fellow students about college issues.