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The CSTEP Program is designed to increase the number of historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged students who enroll in and complete undergraduate and graduate programs leading to professional licensure or to careers in the fields of science, technology and education at the College of Staten Island.

Career and Scholarship Center
The Career and Scholarship Center provides services and resources that assist CSI students and alumni to explore and develop meaningful careers. more >>

These resources include Career Coaching, résumé writing, part and full-time job postings, internship listings and advisement, the CSI Scholarship Program, scholarship and fellowship advisement, and graduate school application advisement. The Center also offers a slate of student-centered initiatives and events designed to help students develop professional identities and learn more about their chosen fields, which include instructional workshops on business etiquette and dress, industry-specific informational sessions, and recruitment fairs. Ultimately, the Center’s programs are intended to prepare CSI students to enter the professional world, and to assist them as they lay the foundations for their careers while in college.

Center for Student Accessibility
The Center for Student Accessibility provides accommodations and services to CSI students with documented disabilities. more >>

Resources include testing accommodations, assistive technology, interpreting, note-taking and tutoring services, advisement, academic counseling, and coordinating additional reasonable accommodations with faculty.   The Office is a resource for the College community, and faculty and staff are encouraged to contact its professional staff with inquires regarding students with disabilities.   This collaboration among students, faculty and staff creates a supportive environment where students with disabilities will be among the most engaged and successful at CSI.

Children’s Center
The Children’s Center, licensed by the NYC Department of Health, Bureau of Child Care and sponsored by The College of Staten Island Association, provides affordable quality child care and education programs for children of CSI students. more >>

The Center offers an infant/toddler program, a preschool program, a Department of Education sponsored Universal Pre-K program, and an after-school program (pending sufficient enrollment), all featuring hands-on learning experiences in a caring environment that is planned and administered by a professional staff in the field of early education. In addition to making it possible for student-parents to attend class, work and participate in a full college experience as they pursue their degrees, the Center serves as a site for numerous college course-required student observations and fieldwork.

College Opportunity to Prepare for Employment (COPE) program is funded by and operated in collaboration with the Family Independence Administration of the City of New York Human Resources Administration (HRA). more >>

Services are available to anyone who is a current or former CUNY student or applicant, and who is either receiving Family Assistance cash benefits (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Safety Net Family Assistance, Safety Net Single Assistance), or who meets federal income guidelines for families with income under 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Counseling Center
The Counseling Center provides a broad range of services to help CSI students explore personal issues and to achieve academic success. more >>

Professional psychological services include confidential individual and couple counseling, crisis intervention and medication management, as well as clinical training, psychoeducational programming, outreach and consultation to promote student mental health. The Center also provides academic counseling, workshops and classes through the Reach for Success program and the SPD 101 curriculum to promote academic excellence. Through its commitment to supporting the holistic needs of CSI students, the Center fosters a safe learning environment that enables them to flourish in their lives and to play a meaningful role in their communities.

CSI Association, Inc.
The CSI Association, Inc. is a non-profit corporation (classified by the IRS as a 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization) created for the principle purpose of developing and cultivating educational, social, cultural, and recreational activities among students of the College of Staten Island. more >>

CUNY Black Male Initiative at CSI/ College Success Initiative
The College Success Initiative: Learning by Teaching Program is a comprehensive support program created to increase college graduation rates for historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged students.

The corporation has the responsibility of overseeing the allocation and expenditure of student activity fees collected at CSI (excluding fees earmarked for the University Student Senate and the New York Public Interest Research Group).  The portion of the fee administered by the Association is used to fund extra and co-curricular activities and services at the College including:  sports and recreation, student government, clubs and organizations, student publications, campus activities, WSIA radio station, the Association, childcare services and health and wellness.  In collaboration with the Office of Student Life and the Sports and Recreation Center, the Association provides opportunities for students to participate in leadership roles on campus and take an active part in campus life.

Health and Wellness Services
Health and Wellness Services offers clinical and preventive health services to all registered students. more >>

Services include treatment for acute health problems, physicals for college programs, immunizations, HIV testing, birth control, nutrition education, substance abuse prevention, smoking cessation, as well as an active peer education program that sponsors a variety of events including blood drives and health fairs. This office collaborates with faculty, students, and staff to maintain a healthy campus environment through development of policies and initiatives such as pandemic preparedness planning, prevention of infectious diseases, and tobacco-free campus implementation. Our services are designed to assist students with health and wellness concerns so they can remain in school and reach their academic goals.

Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP)
The LPP is a collaborative effort of CSI and the Staten Island Branch of the New York Urban League, the local school district, and community-based organizations and individuals that provides a broad range of educational, enrichment, and support services for high school students who are at risk of dropping out of school. more >>

LPP staff tutor, counsel, mentor and advocate for Liberty Partnerships Program students.  The Program also hosts weekly workshops for students, organized trips and tutor trainings.  The drop-out prevention initiative and collaborative college, school and community-based project connects high school students to CSI and provides free instruction and support services to students and families.

Office of New Student Programs
The Office of New Student Programs provides orientation services for first year students and coordinates the College Life Unit Experience (CLUE) Program. more >>

  The Office provides a variety of services and programs, including:  operating an information center for new and prospective students, planning and facilitating CLUE workshops on transitional issues and related topics of interest to first year students, assisting students with a peer mentoring program.  The Office also assists students during their initial academic advisement and registration sessions, and provides introductory and comprehensive orientation programs prior to the start of each semester.  New Student Programs strives to create a transformative environment for new students by exposing them to the academic and co-curricular services and programs vital to their success, along with creating an awareness of college resources, specifically Student Affairs, Academic Affairs and all academic departments.

Office of Student Life
The Office of Student Life is dedicated to creating learning experiences which complement academic pursuits, support holistic student development and foster an engaging campus community. more >>

The Office of Student Life provides leadership development opportunities, advisement to club, organizations, and publications including Student Government, the Campus Activities Board, WSIA-FM and through management of the Campus Center. The Office of Student Life provides a variety of services and programs including management of “CSI Campus Connection”, a web-based involvement system, coordination of student leadership programs and civic engagement initiatives, publication of the student handbook, The Gazetteer and through implementation and coordination of a diverse calendar of student events.  Through advisement, collaboration, training and support, our Office helps students create a campus community that promotes civic engagement, fosters student learning, and prepares students for leadership roles in a global society.

Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program
The SEEK program is for students who have the potential to do well in college, but would benefit from enhanced academic support and financial assistance.  more >>

SEEK students receive additional financial support in order to enable them to meet the financial demands of attending college.  Additionally, it provides students with academic counseling and tutoring services to make their path to graduation as smooth and successful as possible.  The SEEK Program at CSI provides access to college, and promotes academic success and personal achievement.

Veterans Support Services
The Veterans Support Services was established in order to better assist and respond to the needs of students who have served in the Armed Forces. more >>

The Veterans Support Services provide information for Veterans and Dependents of eligible Veterans about the benefits and resources available on and off campus. A network approach is used to better facilitate the needs of each Veteran from the Admissions process all the way through graduation. The Veterans Support Services are dedicated to providing the support needed to help servicemen and women adjust to and succeed in college.