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 Be a Star This Summer
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the summer course discount?
All currently enrolled CSI students in good academic standing can take advantage of this opportunity.

How does this discount work?
Any currently enrolled CSI students who registers for and completes two summer courses will be refunded 50% of the tuition for the lower-cost course.

Must both courses be taken during the same summer session?
No, either or both course(s) can be taken during the Summer I and/or Summer II Sessions. 

If I take a four-credit course and a three-credit course how much will I be refunded?
Students are refunded 50% of the lower-cost course. 

If I withdraw from one of my courses will I still qualify for the refund?
No, both classes must be completed.

Do I need to pass both courses to receive a refund?
No.  However, students must complete courses with one of the following letter grades (A, B, C, D, F) to receive a refund. Withdrawals or incomplete grades will not qualify.

How will my refund be paid?
Refunds are paid by check, direct deposit or returned to the student’s credit card, depending upon how initial payment was made.

When can I expect to receive my refund?
Refunds are processed 3-4 weeks after the posting of summer grades.

Are internship and independent study courses included?

Are study abroad courses included?
Yes, under specific conditions.  Only CSI tuition paid for study abroad courses are included in this initiative.

Do repeat courses qualify?
Yes, under specific conditions.  Neither course can be one which is being repeated for more than the second time.

Must I have enrolled in the spring 2014 Semester to be eligible?
Yes.  Only currently enrolled Spring 2014 students are eligible to participate in this initiative.  Readmit, transfer, entering freshmen and visiting students are not currently eligible.

I am a currently enrolled student who pays out-of-state tuition; do I still qualify for a refund?

Do summer courses taken through E-Permit at another CUNY school qualify?
Yes.  If the student’s tuition is being paid to CSI, the appropriate refund will be applied.  Tuition costs paid to fellow CUNY Colleges will not be refunded. 

Will this affect my financial aid eligibility?
Your total aid for the semester including loans and the refund cannot exceed your Cost of Education (COA). If you have a loan and it is affected, any excess amount will be returned and you will owe less money on the loan. Students may address questions regarding their award amounts and COA to the Office of Student Financial Aid.