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Summer at CSI
 Summer Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take a Summer Session course?
Completing courses in the Summer Session will allow you to satisfy requirements for your degree and will accelerate your progress towards graduation.

What courses are offered?
CSI is offering a number of courses. View the Schedule of Classes for a complete list of available courses.

When does the Summer Session begin?
Please go to the academic calendar for a listing of dates for our 4 and 8 week sessions.

When and where can I register?
CSI students can register for the Summer Session at the same time they register for the Fall semester by using CUNYFirst, the online registration system.Continuing students may register for the Summer Session beginning in April, click here for schedule. Please visit the registrar’s message board for updates.

If I am a visiting or non-degree student, how do I apply to CSI?
Visiting and non-degree students must fill out a Visiting/Non-degree Student Application in the Registrar’s Office or online. Visiting and non-degree graduate students must fill out a Visiting/ Non-Degree Graduate Student Application.

If I am visiting from another college or institution, what do I need to bring?
If you are a visiting student (visiting from another college/institution), please bring an unofficial transcript from your home college/university, and an authorization letter giving you permission to take the specific course at CSI for which you will attempt to register.

If I am a non-degree student, what do I need to bring?
If you are a non-degree student (these are students who are not currently enrolled in another school), please bring in a copy of your transcript. You may have to show this to the academic department to be permitted to take the desired course.

What about “prerequisites" and/or “co-requisites”?
You must satisfy prerequisites and/or co-requisites in order to register for a course. Prerequisites and/or co-requisites for each course can be found in the Schedule of Classes or College Catalog.

For more information on our prerequisite and/or co-requisite process, please visit the Registrar's frequently asked questions.

Once I register for the Summer Session, when do I have to pay for the courses I take?
Payment is due before classes begin. If you need an extension or payment plan, please contact the Bursar's Office at (718) 982.2060 or visit the North Administration Building 2A, Room 105. Please visit the Bursar’s homepage for their hours of operation.

How many credits may I register for in the summer semester?
All students are limited to a maximum of 9 credits in the summer semester consisting of two courses plus PED 190.