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Computing Facilities
There are four open computer labs available throughout campus, which are available for students to use daily, from early morning until late evening. These labs are equipped with the software that students need to do their assignments. A few of these programs are MS Office, Visual Studio, Multisim, Minitab, Matlab, Visio, among many others. The open labs are 1L212, 3N217, and 1C213. Students can come to these rooms to do their homework, research, surf the internet, or check their mail. All rooms are manned by College Assistants, who are there to assist faculty, staff, and students. All rooms also have equipment that assist students with disabilities, including software like Jaws, Dragon, etc., as well as ADA compliant furniture. All computers are state of the art equipment, upgraded on a regular schedule. Computer Lab Schedules

In addition to the open labs, there are computers available in the lobbies of 1S, 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S, 1N, 2N, 3N, 4N, and 5N, and systems are also located in the 1L Cybercafe, the 1C Campus Center, and the 1R Sports and Recreation Center. These stations have the same software as those in the teaching and open labs, which allow students the ability to work on class assignments in an arena other than a formal lab.

The Library also has various computers located on all three floors for student use. The Digital Learning Lab is a specially designed room meant for library instruction.

Smart Classrooms
There are well over 174 Smart Classrooms installed throughout campus. These rooms have ceiling mounted projectors and 8 foot wall screens. A wall mounted gang plate allows instructors to project their laptop, VCR, or DVD player to the class via the projector. While most areas have the large wall screens, some rooms also have a Smart Board, which are interactive whiteboards. 87 of the Smart Classrooms are also equipped with a podium, which are secured cabinets, housing a computer and DVD/VCR combo unit. The podium is constructed in such a way that the top swings open to reveal a flat screen monitor known as a Sympodium, which has touch screen capability. The user is also given the capability to connect their laptops to the podium, as well as any other USB devices. Smart Classroom installations are done every year to meet growing demands.

CUNY High Performance Computing Facility
Athena, a new super computer, several times more powerful than any computer system within the campuses of the City University of New York, is capable of completing research projects -- such as studying Staten Island transportation patterns, migratory bird trends and the effects of global warming -- 10 times faster than it used to take. Click here to learn more about Athena.