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Message from the Office of Technology Systems

The mission of the Office, consistent with that of the College, is to advance the use of technology in all aspects of the College's operations, so as to strengthen support services, teaching, and research. It also directs the Office of Information Technology (OIT).

OTS administers general purpose computer laboratories and specialized computing laboratories in conjunction with academic departments. The microcomputers are connected through a high-speed local area network.

This site provides inclusive information about the College's technology resources, services, and facilities. Through the information available at this single, coordinated, up-to-date location, members of the College community can access information and tools useful in academic endeavors. The contents of this site are presented to faculty, staff, and students to assist in their respective projects and tasks.

Dr. Michael Kress Michael Kress, Ph.D.
Vice President for Information Technology and Economic Development, Executive Director of the CUNY High Performance Computing Center