College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York

Office of Technology Systems
Network Connections

The College of Staten Island provides to the college community a fast, safe and efficient network.

The CSI Network is made up of Cisco switches and routers which provide a gigabit backbone through fiber optics and 100 megabits to the desktop with over 2500 desktop computers connected through a high-speed local area network running Windows XP or Windows 2000. This high-speed backbone provides connectivity to the Internet and network resources which are secured with the latest Cisco technology. The campus Internet connection currently has a bandwidth of 100mbps, which we plan to increase to 1gig.

OIT Network Support

  • We work to maintain a safe environment with vulnerability scanners, ASA and bandwidth management devices. With redundancy and in-house support we have created a network that can be depended on to provide safe access.
  • A networked campus in which all network devices are the latest Cisco products. With this homogeneous network of Cisco devices we can assure 24/7 access. The College of Staten Island 's network provides access at 100mbps from the desktop and a 1 gigabit backbone at the core level.
  • Over 2500 desktop computers are connected through a high-speed local area network running Windows XP or Windows 2000.
  • This hardware configuration allows students, faculty, and staff full access to specialized software, the Internet, online library resources, and email.

Wireless Access

  • "CSI unplugged", wireless access is via 802.11n/g technology. The network can be accessed from any of the academic or administrative buildings. Our security is state of the art.
  • The College of Staten Island 's Data network spans 19 buildings and provides access for all campus staff, faculty and students 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Wireless HOTSPOTS are designed to expand service to users with laptops or PDAs equipped for wireless networking. With HOTSPOTS, wireless computers have high-speed access to the internet and college Web Services.
To access the CSI Wireless Network we recommend that you configure your wireless device to use 810.1G/N service and to authenticate you will be required to enter your CSI user ID and password. For more information on CSI User ID and password Authentication, go to Wireless Access.