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CSI Undergraduate Conference on Research, Scholarship, and Performance

Poster Guidelines

  1. Posters must be 36" in height by 48" in width. Tri fold poster boards of the same size will be provided.
  2. Poster printing will be scheduled by Kristen Lindtvedt.
  3. To have your poster printed you must first go to a poster planning session.
  4. Poster printing is a lengthy process! You should therefore plan accordingly, allow yourself plenty of time for the construction, editing, and printing process.
Poster Printing

Printing of conference posters is offered free of charge to UGC participants by the CSI Print Shop. Completed poster designs must be delivered to Kristen Lindtvedt at least one week before the conference, or by April 23, 2015. In order to utilize this generous service participants must attend on-line pre-conference training sessions designed to familiarize students with the required poster size and preparation guidelines.

Pre-conference training sessions to familiarize you with poster preparation will be held via an online tutorial. The online tutorial is a workshop which will provide participants information, skills, one-on-one assistance needed to create a successful poster. Once your abstract is submitted, Kristen Lindtvedt will contact you and arrange access which will begin on February 14, 2015.