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The Verrazano School
 About Us

The Verrazano School is a selective undergraduate honors program at the College of Staten Island (CSI).

Verrazano Mission Statement

The Verrazano School provides motivated and talented students with an exceptional baccalaureate experience at the College of Staten Island/CUNY in order to produce a community of students and graduates who strive for and achieve academic excellence in their course of study, are well-prepared for graduate studies and professional success, are connected to their local and global community through service and leadership, and are empowered with lifelong intellectual curiosity and strong personal integrity.

The Verrazano School achieves its mission through an integrated program of academic courses and learning communities; constructive contact with full-time faculty; forward-thinking academic advisement and career preparation; engagement and support of faculty-student mentorships and collaborations; and academic, social, and cultural learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom.

Verrazano Program Goals

  1. To foster critical thinking, scientific inquiry, problem-solving skills, and integrative cross-disciplinary work.
  2. To support students’ development of strong oral and written communication skills.
  3. To promote academic excellence and in-depth disciplinary knowledge.
  4. To advance career opportunities through professional development.
  5. To encourage meaningful community involvement and engaged global citizenship.
  6. To create intellectually curious learners with a strong sense of personal integrity.

Students choose from the full range of majors offered at CSI and received personalized assistance and guidance as they seek internships, pursue research opportunities, and prepare for careers or graduate studies.  The Verrazano School provides a foundation on which students build their skills and talents, explore their interests, and create a positive, memorable, and valuable college experience.

To read about activities and accomplishments of Verrazano students as well as other program news, please visit The Verrazano Voyager blog.

Benefits of The Verrazano School

  • Constructive contact with full-time faculty
  • Small class sizes
  • Priority registration for classes
  • Personalized, forward-thinking academic advisement and career preparation
  • Academic, social and cultural learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom
  • Special study abroad scholarships exclusively for Verrazano students
  • Opportunity to apply for undergraduate research stipends
  • A designated Verrazano student lounge for meetings, studying, and get-togethers
  • The Verrazano distinction noted on your final transcript and recognition at Commencement-related events, including the Verrazano Senior Convocation and Honors Convocation