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 Incoming Freshmen – Important Information

As an accepted student in the incoming Verrazano freshman class, please note the following important information and deadlines.  For general information for incoming freshmen at the College of Staten Island (CSI), please visit the New Student Guide online.
If you are accepting your seat in The Verrazano School Honors Program, you must submit all of the following documentation to the Verrazano office and take the Compass Math Placement exam no later than May 1st.

If you have any questions, please call The Verrazano School at 718.982.4171.

CUNY Compass Math Placement Exam
As you prepare to attend CSI, we strongly recommend all incoming Verrazano students to take the Compass Math Placement Exam.  By taking the exam, you will have the advantage of advancing to the appropriate level of mathematics related to your major and career goals.  If you do not take the exam, we will not have all of the information we need to place you at the appropriate level.

You should plan to attend the testing appointment date that you receive in the mail.  The placement exam lasts approximately one hour, and you need to take the exam before May 1st. 

In the event that you did not attend the testing date you were assigned, please contact the Verrazano office at 718.982.4171 as soon as possible.  In these rare cases, we will try to help facilitate another appointment date prior to May 1st.

Verrazano Response Form
You must return the Verrazano Admissions Response Form that was included in your Verrazano acceptance packet no later than May 1st. You can also download the Verrazano Freshman Response Form. This will secure your seat in this selective program.

Verrazano Advising Preparation Form and Incoming Freshman Survey
By filling out Verrazano Advising Preparation Form you’ll help us get a better understanding of your interests and goals. Please return this paperwork along with the Verrazano Freshman Response Form by May 1st. 

Commitment Deposit
The College of Staten Island (CSI) requires newly admitted undergraduate students to pay a $100 deposit towards tuition and fee charges when they accept the offer of admission.  The commitment deposit deadline is May 1st, and you should submit your commitment deposit directly to the Verrazano office.  The $100 commitment deposit must be paid by check or money order made payable to the “College of Staten Island.”

By submitting your commitment deposit you secure your enrollment to CSI.  This deposit will be applied toward your tuition charges and will allow you to be registered for classes and attend Freshman Orientation.   Additional information regarding this requirement can be found online on the New Student Guide.  There is not a separate deposit for The Verrazano School. 

If you applied for financial aid using the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) and your Student Aid Report (SAR) has an estimated family contribution (EFC) of $3000 or less, you may be waived from the commitment deposit.  If this is the case, you must include an electronic printout of your SAR with your Verrazano Response Form. 

If you have paid a $400 housing deposit, be sure to indicate that on your Verrazano Response Form.  In that case, you do not need to include the $100 commitment deposit.

Immunization Forms
As an incoming student in The Verrazano School, you must have proof of immunization on file in the College Health Center by May 1st.  We cannot create your fall schedule unless this information is on file.  State law requires that you must be immunized against measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) and meningitis.  This rule applies to all students regardless of your entry date into the College.  You may also opt to sign a meningitis refusal form in lieu of the vaccination. 

You must return the completed Medical Certification for MMR Immunizations and the Meningitis Response Form.  Please return these forms to The Verrazano School Office with your Admissions Response Form, and we will deliver them to the Health Center.

Immunization forms can be found online on the New Student Guide.

College Courses/AP Courses
If you have elected to take college courses while in high school, you must submit official documentation in order to have those classes evaluated for possible credit. 

College Courses
Official transcripts for courses taken through a college (e.g. St. Johns University, SUNY Albany, etc.) must be requested from those institutions unless you have taken a course through a CUNY school and sent directly to The Verrazano School Office.  Transcripts for courses already completed should be mailed immediately.  Transcripts for courses you are taking currently should be mailed as soon as possible after the completion of the course.  If you have taken a course through a CUNY (e.g. Kingsborough), please notify the Verrazano office and we will make arrangements to retrieve your transcript if possible. 

If your official college transcript(s) are not sent directly to the Verrazano office, we will not know when they are received by CSI and will not be able to advise you about potential schedule adjustments in a timely manner.

AP Scores
Official AP scores need to be requested from the College Board if you did not choose to have your scores sent to CSI when you took the AP exam; student score reports are not accepted by the Registrar for the purpose of awarding credit.  CUNY does not accept scores below a "4," and some courses require a score of "5" for credit to be awarded.   

We request that you submit a screenshot of your AP score report(s) to The Verrazano School via email in addition to sending your scores officially through the College Board.  Without the screenshot of your AP score report, we will not know when your scores have been received by CSI. 

Submitting your transcripts and scores will help us create the most ideal course schedule for your first semester at CSI.

CSI Photo IDs
Please come to campus between June 8th and June 22th to have your photo taken for your CSI ID card.  After you have submitted the required documents to The Verrazano School, your name will be on a list at the Parking Services Office (Building 3A-Room 106), and you will need to bring a photo ID and inform the staff member that you are an incoming Verrazano Honors student. 

IDs will be distributed on June 27th at the Verrazano Freshman Orientation to all students who had their photos taken before June 22nd.  If you do not come to have your photo taken by June 22nd you will not receive your CSI ID at the Verrazano Freshman Orientation.

Verrazano Freshman Orientation
Save the date for the mandatory Verrazano Freshman Orientation that will take place on Monday, June 27, 2016!  This is a required orientation designed specifically for new Verrazano freshmen, and all incoming Verrazano freshmen must attend.  Verrazano freshmen do not attend a general CSI Freshman Orientation, so you will not need to register for any orientation other than the Verrazano Freshman Orientation.  We have an exciting day planned, and specific details are posted here.

The following two waivers are required for participation in the Verrazano Freshman Orientation, and they must be completed and returned to the Verrazano office by May 1st.

Fall Schedule
As an incoming freshman in The Verrazano School, your fall schedule will be carefully created for you.  We will develop your schedule based on the information you provide about your area(s) of interest for your major and/or minor as well as plans for graduate or professional school.  We will also review your math placement scores and take into account any college credits that are already posted on your record. 

As part of your fall schedule, you will be enrolled in a Verrazano learning community (LC) with other first-year Verrazano students.  Each Verrazano learning community consists of a set of linked honors sections that are smaller in size than general course sections and taught by experienced faculty.   These LCs will provide an enriching learning experience in your first semester at CSI.  One of the courses in your LC will be an English writing course, and the other course(s) will fulfill general education or pre-major requirements.  In addition to your LC courses, you will take an honors Mathematics course relevant to your intended major and one or two other courses that satisfy general education and pre-major requirements according to your area(s) of interest. 

You can view sample LC schedules on the Verrazano website at the Courses link on the menu.

Your fall schedule will be created only after all of the appropriate paperwork indicated above has been submitted.  Additional communication about your Verrazano fall class schedule will occur prior to the Verrazano New Student Orientation.

Special Note: If you are interested in taking a language during your first semester and would like to continue studying a language that you have taken in high school, you must take a language placement test. You can find the schedule for the language placement test, along with more information about the requirement, at Placement Exams link on the following website:  If you decide to go for a placement test, please notify the Verrazano office to let us know.  That way we can check for your appropriate placement.  Also, you must bring a copy of your acceptance letter to CSI or your Verrazano acceptance letter when you go for the placement test.

Spring Schedule
As a Verrazano freshman, you will continue to take honors sections to fulfill general education and pre-major requirements.  You will be given a schedule of pre-determined Verazano honors sections around which you will build the rest of your schedule.   You will take a College Writing honors section in addition to other required honors sections related to your major or area(s) of interest.  If you have started a science sequence in the fall semester, you will continue the sequence in the spring.

You’ll meet with the Associate Director for advisement in October, and spring schedule planning is done in preparation for that meeting.  More information about the advisement process is available on the Verrazano Advisement page. 

After the spring semester of your freshman year, you will no longer have a specific schedule that you must follow.  Instead, in consultation with the Verrazano office and faculty members, you will select courses that will continue to help you progress toward graduation.