College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York

The Verrazano School

Thank you for your interest in The Verrazano School Honors Program!  We are a selective undergraduate honors program at the College of Staten Island (CSI) that provides motivated and talented students with the highest-quality undergraduate education possible.  The Verrazano School gives students the opportunity to be part of an active, academically-motivated learning community in which you will study with experienced professors and learn from one another both in and out of the classroom.

The Verrazano School will offer you individualized support as you choose from the wide range of majors offered at CSI.  Also, by partnering with offices such as CSI’s Career and Scholarship Center and the Center for International Service, Verrazano will provide assistance and guidance as you seek internships, pursue research opportunities, participate in study abroad experiences, get involved in the community, and prepare for careers or graduate school.  We want to help you develop your skills and talents, explore your interests, and have a positive, memorable, and valuable college experience!

We’re looking for applicants who demonstrate strong academic abilities and characteristics such as leadership, community service, motivation, creativity, talent, and enthusiasm The Verrazano School Honors Program accepts applications from incoming first-time freshmen, current CSI students, and transfer students. 

If you have any questions as you complete the application, please contact us at (718) 982.4171 or  We look forward to hearing from you.