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The Verrazano School

The Verrazano School Honors Program encourages intellectual curiosity and academic excellence and offers honors sections for its students.   Verrazano honors sections of general courses are smaller than the average section at CSI, are taught by experienced faculty, and offer unique learning experiences.  When you take honors sections, they are designated on your transcript as honors.  Taking as many honors sections as possible can indicate to internship sites, fellowships, prospective employers, and graduate schools that you have taken initiative and challenged yourself during your undergraduate experience.  We encourage you to fulfill as many general education and pre-major requirements as possible by taking Verrazano Honors sections.

Verrazano Freshman Learning Communities

Students who are accepted as freshmen to The Verrazano School will enroll in an honors learning community for the fall semester and other required honors sections for the spring.  Learning communities are sets of linked honors sections that a cohort of Verrazano students take together.  To learn more about Verrazano learning communities, please click here: Verrazano Freshman Learning Communities.  To learn more about Verrazano freshman spring schedules, please click here: Spring Schedules for Verrazano Freshmen by Major/Career Interest

Honors Writing Courses

Honors writing sections are one of the foundations of the Verrazano freshman experience and are essential to the development of strong writing skills for any major or career field.  All incoming freshmen in The Verrazano School Honors Program take an honors section of Introduction to College Writing (ENG 111) as part of their freshman fall learning community.  Only incoming Verrazano freshmen who earn a "4" or higher on the AP English Language Composition exam or an “A” or “A-” in the equivalent of ENG 111 for a college course will be permitted to receive credit for Introduction to College Writing.  In those cases, students will proceed directly to honors ENG 151.  No incoming freshmen are exempt from Honors ENG 151.  All Verrazano students are required to take an honors section of College Writing (ENG 151) in the freshman spring or sophomore fall in consultation with the Associate Director. 

Students accepted to The Verrazano School after the freshman year are only required to take honors ENG 111 and ENG 151 if they have not yet taken those courses.

Honors Math Courses

All students in The Verrazano School must take honors math.  Incoming freshmen who are awarded credit for a math course through a particular score on an AP exam or by taking a college course in high school may still need to take honors math, or a sequence of honors math courses, depending on their intended major or area of study.  Students accepted after the freshman year must take honors math if they have not yet completed the math sequence for their major.  Verrazano honors math sections are offered through level MTH 232.

Honors CORE 100

All students in The Verrazano School must take honors CORE 100 unless they have been accepted to The Verrazano School after the freshman year and have already fulfilled the CORE 100 requirement.

Verrazano Honors Courses

Students in The Verrazano School take a minimum of three Verrazano-designated courses, not including courses taken in a freshman learning community, before they graduate.  Students should take HON 301 during the junior year, and students are encouraged to take as many honors sections as possible.   To learn more about the Verrazano courses offered for the upcoming semester, please click here: Verrazano Courses

For science-based courses with labs and lectures, the Verrazano honors lecture section and Verrazano honors lab section must be taken concurrently to be counted as one of the three required Verrazano courses. 

Failure of, or receipt of a WU in, a Verrazano-designated Honors course section will not count for one of the three Verrazano courses.

Verrazano Honors Seminar - HON 301

Verrazano students are strongly encouraged to take HON 301 in the junior year to prepare them for capstone work.  HON 301 is an Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar open to all majors and designed for students wishing to conduct guided, interdisciplinary research and/or scholarship as part of their advanced undergraduate experience.   This course serves to develop the core skill set and toolkit necessary to conduct independent research, write original research proposals, and communicate research results to a general audience.  HON 301 provides support for the required Verrazano capstone project as well as the research conference presentation.  Students with over 45 credits completed may consult with the Verrazano office and seek permission of the instructor to enroll in this 4-credit course.  The course is currently offered during the fall and spring semesters on Fridays from 10:10-2:15, and each section has a maximum enrollment of 15 students.