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Faculty Guidebook

The Verrazano School Faculty Guidebook was developed in collaboration with the Verrazano Faculty Advisory Committee to provide information to CSI administrators, faculty, and staff about The Verrazano School.  This is a living document that reflects current program information, policies, and procedures.

Verrazano Honors Sections and Syllabus Templates

Verrazano-designated honors sections are distinguished from general sections of the same courses in order to provide a qualitatively different experience for students taking the Verrazano-designated sections.  Verrazano honors sections have smaller caps to help facilitate class discussions and contact between faculty members and students.  The Verrazano Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) has developed syllabus templates to be used for Verrazano honors sections, and these templates provide information to students about the relationship of the course section to the Verrazano program goals.

Below are two syllabus templates - one for Verrazano freshman learning community sections and one for Verrazano honors sections that are available to all Verrazano students and, in most cases, other CSI students with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.  Faculty teaching Verrazano honors sections are asked to design the syllabus using the appropriate template.  The templates are based on the standard CSI syllabus template, but they include a special header as well as a section that draws attention to the Verrazano program goals.  This section highlighted in yellow has a brief paragraph followed by all six of the established Verrazano program goals.  We ask that all faculty select two, or portions of two, program goals to include in this section.  The yellow highlighting of this section can be removed; it is there only to provide clarity in communication with faculty.  In this section, or in another section, faculty may also choose to indicate any special projects or activities that their students will be doing as part of the honors section.

We collect the syllabi for Verrazano honors sections offered each semester.  In addition to submitting the syllabus to the academic department, each professor will submit the syllabus to the Verrazano office.  This helps us compile a record of the courses and special projects involving our students, and it can also help faculty who may teach for the program in the future.  The syllabus can be emailed to Cheryl Craddock , and we request that faculty please send the Verrazano syllabus before the first day of classes each semester.

Macaulay-Verrazano Honors Advisory Committee

The Macaulay-Verrazano Honors Advisory Committee meets once a month during the academic year to discuss matters pertaining to the honors programs.  The Advisory Committee is comprised of departmental faculty representatives and staff representatives from various offices across campus.