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 Verrazano Freshman Learning Communities

As an incoming freshman in The Verrazano School, your fall schedule will be carefully created for you.  We will develop your schedule based on the information you provide about your area(s) of interest for your major and/or minor as well as plans for graduate or professional school.  We will also review your math placement scores and take into account any college credits that are already posted on your record. 

As part of your fall schedule, you will be enrolled in a Verrazano learning community (LC) with other first-year Verrazano students.  Each Verrazano learning community consists of a set of linked course sections that are smaller in size than general introductory course sections and taught by experienced faculty.   These LCs will provide an enriching learning experience in your first semester at CSI. 

One of the courses in your LC will be an English writing course, and the other course(s) will fulfill general education or pre-major requirements.  All Verrazano first-year English classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:10-12:05.  In addition to your LC courses, you will take a Verrazano-designated Mathematics course relevant to your intended major as well as one or two other courses that satisfy general education and pre-major requirements according to your area(s) of interest.  All Verrazano Mathematics lecture courses are held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:20-2:15. 

You will be registered for at least 12 equated credits to be considered a full-time student; most Verrazano freshmen take an average of 13-15 credits in their first semester.  Students can take between 12-18 credits each semester, and New York residents pay the same tuition rate, excluding lab fees and other student fees, for any number of credits within this range.

Please see below for some sample LC schedules.  You will note that on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-4:30 there are no classes scheduled.  These are Club Hours, and they are times set aside during the week for meetings of campus clubs and organizations.  Most Verrazano events take place during club hours as well.  Please plan to stay on campus during Club Hours so you can take advantage of the opportunities available.

Your fall schedule will be created after all of the required paperwork listed on the Accepted Students page has been submitted and you have taken the math placement exam.  Additional communication about Verrazano fall class schedules will occur prior to the Verrazano New Student Orientation.

Special Note: If you are interested in taking a language and would like to continue studying a language that you have taken in high school, you must take a language placement test. You can find the schedule for the language placement test, along with more information about the requirement, at the following website.  If you decide to go for a placement test, please notify the Verrazano office to let us know.  That way we can check for your appropriate placement.  Also, you must bring a copy of your acceptance letter to CSI or your Verrazano acceptance letter when you go for the placement test