College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York

The Verrazano School

Verrazano Senior Meeting

All Verrazano seniors are required to meet with the Verrazano Director during the fall of the senior year.  This meeting is an opportunity for you to share your experiences as a Verrazano student as well as your future plans.

Verrazano Senior Meetings must be scheduled by September 15th and will be held throughout the fall semester until November 15th.  The Senior Meeting lasts for approximately 30 minutes, and included below is the information you need to bring with you to the meeting.  To schedule your Verrazano Senior Meeting, call Cynthia Palumbo at 718.982.4171. 

When you attend your Senior Meeting with Professor Liu, you must bring the following two things: 

1) Your completed Verrazano Senior Information Form.

2) A copy of your current resume. 

In addition, please email your current resume to Cheryl Craddock ( as an attachment by the day of your meeting.

These items will help provide a clear picture of everything you've done as an undergraduate, and we'll keep them on file in case we learn of any opportunities that may be relevant to your interests and experience.


The Verrazano School Graduation Procedures

To graduate with a Verrazano School at CSI distinction, you must be in good standing with The Verrazano School and have completed all program requirements.  In your final year at CSI you must:

  1. Apply online for graduation with the Registrar’s Office at CSI by the notification deadline.
    1. 1) Log in to CUNYfirst
    2. 2) Go to Self-Service
    3. 3) Select Degree Progress/Graduation
    4. 4) Apply for Graduation
  2. Notify The Verrazano School of your intent to graduate by submitting the completed Verrazano Application for Graduation by the notification deadline indicated below. The Verrazano Application for Graduation must be submitted online using the link above.

Completion of Degree Requirements

The Verrazano School Graduation Notification Deadline

End of Fall semester
(January graduation) 

October 1st

End of Spring semester or summer term (June or August graduation)

December 1st

You are responsible for notifying The Verrazano School of your graduation date.  After you submit the Verrazano Application for Graduation we will review your records and notify the Registrar’s Office if you have met all Verrazano requirements. 

The Verrazano School recommends that you check with the office periodically to ensure that you are on track to complete your Verrazano requirements.

Completion of all Verrazano School requirements entitles you:

  1. To participate in the Verrazano Senior Convocation and Honors Convocation
  2. To wear The Verrazano School honor cord at Commencement
  3. To a Verrazano notation on your final transcript
  4. To a Verrazano Certificate of Recognition

Verrazano Senior Convocation

The Verrazano Senior Convocation takes place each spring and is an event that celebrates the accomplishments of Verrazano graduates.  January, June, and August Verrazano graduates with baccalaureate degrees are all invited to attend this exciting event.

The Verrazano Senior Convocation for the Class of 2016 will be held on Tuesday, May 24th at 6:30 pm in the Williamson Theatre.  Additional information will be distributed to graduating students.

Graduating seniors should complete the Graduate Information Form and submit it to Cynthia Palumbo ( no later than May 1.

Verrazano Class Speaker

During the Verrazano Senior Convocation, at least one Verrazano graduate is selected to serve as the Verrazano Class Speaker and offers an address to fellow graduates, administrators, faculty, families, and friends.  This is an opportunity for the selected graduate to reflect on the past few years, celebrate the accomplishments of the graduating Verrazano class, and share a message for the future.  The address should reflect on the common educational experience as well as personally share the value of the Verrazano experience at CSI.  The Verrazano Class Speaker is selected through an application process. 

To apply to be considered as the Verrazano Class Speaker, please download and complete the Verrazano Class Speaker Application and submit it with the other required documents.  Applications must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on April 1st, and you are encouraged to submit your application by email.