College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York

The Verrazano School
  Honor Pledge

Every incoming student in The Verrazano School signs the following honor pledge as an agreement for continued participation in the program.  The pledge was created to promote academic integrity within the student body, and by signing the honor pledge every Verrazano student promises to act with integrity as a member of The Verrazano School and the College of Staten Island/CUNY. 

Verrazano Honor Pledge:

As academic integrity promotes fairness and intellectual growth at the City University of New York, the College of Staten Island, and The Verrazano School, I pledge that as an enrolled Verrazano student I will uphold the ideas of academic scholarship and serve as a positive example in the student body.  I will not cheat, plagiarize, or in any other way violate the academic integrity policy of the City University of New York, and I will act with respect and civility towards all of my fellow students, the faculty, and staff of the college.

By signing the aforementioned pledge, I acknowledge that I will be permanently removed from The Verrazano School if found in violation of it.