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  Community Service

Verrazano students are required to participate in community service each academic year. This provides support and outreach to organizations and areas of need within the local community. Community service involvement also helps you explore your areas of interest, develop your resume, build professional and social networks, gain new perspectives, and much more.

You must complete a minimum of 10 hours with a non-profit organization each academic year for a minimum of 40 hours of community service prior to applying for graduation. You must document these hours by completing a Verrazano Community Service Verification Form. Original forms are required.

Service must be completed with a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in the local community. If you want to complete service in NJ, PA, CT, or a more extended region, or have questions or concerns about how to fulfill the service requirement, consult with the Verrazano Office. Final approval of all service hours will be determined by the Verrazano administrators. Failure to fulfill the community service requirement will result in dismissal from The Verrazano School.

What counts as community service, and where can I volunteer?

When do I turn in my hours?

  • If you are participating in ongoing service at the same organization throughout the year, submit the verification form at the end of each semester (December 15th, May 15th) and at the end of each summer (if applicable).
  • If you are doing a one-time service event, submit the documented hours within one month of the service date.
  • In the year you graduate, you must turn in hours sooner. January graduates must submit community service hours by October 1st and June and August graduates must submit them by December 1st.

What if I started the program late or am graduating early/late?

  • Everyone has to complete 10 hours a year and at least 40 hours total.
  • Students who graduate late must complete five additional hours of service for each extra semester.

Failure to fulfill the community service requirement will result in dismissal from The Verrazano School.