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Verrazano students are strongly encouraged to participate in a study abroad program as part of their undergraduate experience.  Students can choose from a variety of program options including short-term (winter or summer), faculty-led, semester-long, (fall or spring) and exchange programs (fall or spring).  Students can apply to participate in study abroad programs organized through the College of Staten Island, other CUNY campuses, and the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS).  There are many options!

While studying abroad, students can explore academic interests, develop professional goals, strengthen communication and problem-solving abilities, interact with people from different cultures, improve language skills, experience personal growth, and gain new perspective.  Study abroad is also a great resume builder for graduate school and job applications.  Students who study abroad often describe it as one of the most transformative experiences of their undergraduate education.

Verrazano students have studied overseas in countries including Australia, China, Ecuador, England, France, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and Turkey.  To learn more about Verrazano student study abroad experiences and other activities and accomplishments of Verrazano students, please visit The Verrazano Voyager blog.

Online Resources for Programs and Scholarships:

Verrazano Study Abroad Scholarships

To help support study abroad, each year a limited number of Verrazano Study Abroad Scholarships are available to Verrazano students through an application process.  Recipients of Verrazano Study Abroad Scholarships will use the funds to help defray the costs of a credit-bearing study abroad experience that is related to their course of study.  Successful applicants will clearly identify how the study abroad experience supports the pursuit and achievement of their academic and professional goals.  Scholarships can be applied toward CSI-sponsored programs as well as other CUNY-affiliated programs, and successful applicants will receive awards in the amount of $500.  The scholarship program is competitive and not all applicants are guaranteed to receive funds.  Applications will be reviewed and ranked by a committee of faculty and staff. 

Applications must be future-oriented; funds will not be awarded for study abroad programs already completed.  Recipients will be required to present their study abroad experience at a Verrazano or college event during the following semester.  Recipients are also required to contribute a minimum of three blog entries to the Verrazano Voyager blog – once prior to departure, once while abroad, and once upon return.  Applications must be approved by a faculty advisor before being submitted to The Verrazano School (1A-207).  The faculty advisor is any member of the full-time or adjunct faculty who, for the purposes of this scholarship application, is supporting the application and writing the letter of recommendation.  The faculty advisor signature is required on the Application Cover Page, the Proposal Statement, and the Letter of Recommendation.

Deadlines: Complete proposals must be received by October 1st for winter and spring programs and by March 1st for summer and fall programs.  Late applications will not be considered.

Application Checklist:

[] Application Cover Page, typed and signed by the student and a faculty advisor.  The faculty advisor is any member of the full-time or adjunct faculty who, for the purposes of this scholarship application, is supporting the application and writing the letter of recommendation.

[] Proposal Statement (≈ 750 words) describing the study abroad program, the student’s course of study and future goals, and how the study abroad program is relevant to the student’s course of study and would benefit the student’s academic and personal growth.  Students are also encouraged to include creative ways in which they envision sharing their study abroad experience with others upon return.

[] Letter of Recommendation from the faculty advisor (can be emailed directly by professor)

[] Résumé

[]Completed budget template reflecting anticipated expenses

[] Study abroad program flyer

[] A list of all other scholarships that are being applied for by the student for the study abroad experience. Students must apply for other scholarships for which they are eligible.

[] Student transcript (will be accessed by the Verrazano office)