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You are strongly encouraged to participate in a study abroad program as part of your undergraduate experience, and we can tell you all the good reasons to study abroad, like exploring academic interests, developing professional goals, strengthening communication and problem-solving abilities, interacting with people from different cultures, improving language skills, experiencing personal growth, and gaining new perspectives. And you know that studying abroad is also a great resume builder for graduate school and job applications. All these are true.

But here’s the thing: you will walk on the planet in a different way after studying abroad. To learn more about Verrazano student study abroad experiences and other activities and accomplishments of Verrazano students, please visit The Verrazano Voyager blog. Let Verrazano help make this possible for you!

Katie Geschwendt Verrazano Study Abroad Scholarships

The Center for International Service and The Verrazano School Honors Program have partnered on a scholarship initiative for Verrazano students. All students in good standing with The Verrazano School Honors Program and who participate in CSI-sponsored study abroad programs will automatically be eligible to receive a Katie Geschwendt Verrazano Honors Study Abroad Scholarship to help defray the cost of participating in a study abroad program. This includes CSI faculty-led programs, CSI programs, and CSI Exchange Ambassador Programs. 

Eligible Verrazano students who participate in summer or winter CSI-sponsored study abroad programs will receive $500, and students who participate in CSI-sponsored semester-long programs will receive $1000.

Eligibility Criteria: 
To receive the Verrazano Honors Study Abroad Scholarship, Verrazano students must:

  • Be in good standing with The Verrazano School Honors Program.
  • Have been a member of The Verrazano School Honors Program for at least two semesters prior to the study abroad.
  • Complete their yearly VELA and community service requirements before participating in the study abroad program.
  • Apply for the CSI-sponsored study abroad program by the posted application deadline.
  • Notify The Verrazano School Honors Program of their application for a CSI-sponsored study abroad program.


How can I learn more about study abroad options?

CSI offers many wonderful study abroad opportunities for students. To learn more, visit

How do I know if the program I plan to apply for is a CSI-sponsored program?

Check the Center for International Service website to see the list of study abroad opportunities offered directly through CSI. If you’re still not sure, contact the Verrazano office (718.982.4171) or a study abroad advisor in the Center for International Service (718.982.2100).

How will I know I've been approved to receive the Katie Geschwendt Verrazano Study Abroad Scholarship?

As long as you’re in good standing and meet the eligibility requirements, you’ll be approved! Your study abroad program bill will be credited either $500 for winter/summer programs or $1000 for semester-long programs.

Can I receive the Katie Geschwendt Verrazano Study Abroad Scholarship more than once?

No, students can only receive this scholarship one time. However, you’re encouraged to study abroad again if you’re bitten by the travel bug!